A Navajo Medicine Man’s Take on 2012

There are certain energies that will be coming in waves over the next two years, increasing in frequency and intensity as time nears 12-21-12.

The first energy is the energy for compassion, spiritual growth and self empowerment. Each will experience it differently. Those who are spiritual will grow, those who are not spiritual, but are good hearted will begin to look for something “more”. Those of all religions will feel a pull for a more personal understanding and deeper spiritual connections. Those who are stuck in materialism and greed-thinking will feel agitated and angry. The energy that is coming in now is going to destroy their materialistic way of thinking. They can feel it and it isn’t comfortable. The change will be very hard for them.

They were telling me about an energy wave that causes the rebirth of the stars. It re-energizes the universe and it comes every so many thousands of years. They said it is about to happen again. This energy is electromagnetic and it comes in four waves. There will be a space of time between each wave. There will be like a shock wave, without any warning. The last wave will be the strongest.

There are a lot of particles of matter; like dust particles, that comes with the last wave and the sun interacts with the particles in some way, maybe like a solar flare or something on that order, that’s why it’s the strongest wave. It is like the afterbirth.

In times past it was called the Dragons Breath because that’s what it will be like. It will also cause huge electrical storms and wipe out anything electric. It will cause searing heat and even forests will burn. It will cause earthquakes and tidal waves and then there will be extreme cold.

There is going to be a wave of energy, a very, very powerful explosion of energy coming in then to bring in more spiritual thinking. It’s very powerful and everyone will begin to feel it. Is there an alignment then? I think there is an alignment or something that takes place in the heavens then.

They said there will be several waves, with a space of time between each one. The first will be like a strong shock wave deep in the earth’s crust. It will cause earthquakes, tidal waves and mostly affect the coastal areas.

There’s also an electromagnetic wave that affects the negative and positive energies at the North and South Poles. It will also affect air travel and ground airplanes. Being in coastal cities won’t be good. There is some kind of an interaction with this electromagnetic energies and the ocean that creates like a shockwave.

They said our galaxy was also like a membrane sort of like a womb. The energies are feminine and it is surrounded by masculine energy. All galaxies are like that. Anyway something is happening that comes up only once in so many thousands of years. It’s like a re-birth and the earth will be renewed. But right now there’s an energy coming into the earth that will cause a pressure on mankind. It will cause people to feel stressed and they will lash our against that which oppresses them or is unfair. They will lash out against governments and against injustice and even against each other. Animals will feel it too and react in a lesser degree. Even the earth itself will react with more hurricanes, severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. It will be a mess for awhile, but in the end it will force change. Earth will eventually be made new again and so will mankind.