Alien probes spying on Earth? Scientist warns of possible ‘lurkers’ in our solar system

Is Earth below the watchful eye of “lurking” extraterrestrial spy probes? One US physicist argues that whereas it’s a distant risk – it wouldn’t damage to ship out probes of our personal to take a look and ensure.

Physicist and impartial SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) researcher James Benford posited that close by asteroids that observe with Earth’s orbit – additionally often known as co-orbitals – would make the best place for an otherworldly spy submit. He published his findings, titled “Looking for Lurkers,” in the peer-reviewed Astronomical Journal final month. 

“A probe situated close by might bide its time whereas our civilisation developed know-how that would discover it, and, as soon as contacted, might undertake a dialog in actual time,” Benford wrote in the paper. 

It might have been routinely reporting again on our biosphere and civilisation for lengthy eras.

In his paper, Benford not solely gives “possible sites for extraterrestrial probes,” however suggests methods researchers may search for proof of the alien tech, starting from utilizing optical and radio telescopes to sending a spacecraft outright.

Given its shut and fixed presence close to Earth, one may suppose the moon would make a greater spy station than extra distant co-orbitals, however Benford mentioned any explicit part of the moon’s floor is “in darkness for two weeks at a time,” depriving any probe of the solar power it would must operate. Placing the probes too near Earth may also pose an issue, as Benford argues the ETs would possible want to stay undetected.

The closest co-orbital asteroid seems to be in a steady orbit that can observe with Earth for hundreds of years. While there may be nonetheless a lot to be discovered in regards to the our bodies, Benford mentioned they’d make vantage level for an alien probe in the event that they held regular orbits over lengthy intervals of time.

While Benford acknowledges the thought is an extended shot, he says there may be nothing to lose in looking, and solely new data to realize.

“If we don’t find anything, that means no one has come to look at the life of Earth for over billions of years,” Benford mentioned. “That is a big surprise, a stunning thing.”

Paul Davies, a physicist and astrobiologist at Arizona State University, additionally had his doubts about discovering alien surveillance know-how wherever in Earth’s neighborhood, however mentioned it will be useful for science to test it out anyway.

“How likely is it that alien probe would be on one of these co-orbitals, obviously extremely unlikely,” Davies instructed Live Science “But if it costs very little to go take a look, why not? Even if we don’t find E.T., we might find something of interest.”