Al-Qaeda plans to form own state in Syria

Al-Qaeda plans to form own state in SyriaAl-Qaeda is planning to declare a government of its own in north of Syria in August, establishing a stronger base for the terrorist group in the war-torn country.

Lebanon’s daily Asharq Al-Awsat quoted a source in the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) which has been leading a deadly insurgency in Syria for more than two years, that their al-Qaeda partners are planning to announce their rule by end of the holy month of Ramdan (August 7th) which is one of the most celebrated religious holidays in the Muslim countries.

The source said, after fighting against the Syrian army, al-Qaeda plans to defeat the Syrian opposition armed groups, and take the areas near Turkey borders under control. August 7 is going to be announced as the “Hour Zero” of al-Qaeda’s new government.

The Bab al-Hawa and Hazem border crossings are the most important targets that al-Qaeda has set its eyes on, according to the source. They need Bab al-Hawa for transfer of weapons and Hazem for smuggling oil so that they can finance their activities.

“The execution of the plan began a week ago after the beheading of [FSA] member Fadi al-Qash and his brother in the town of Al-Dana, and then the assassination of Free Syrian Army Supreme Military Council member Kamal al-Hamami. The plan will continue with a series of assassinations targeting FSA members,” the source said.

Al-Qaeda affiliated groups including al-Nusra Front which is a terrorist organization have been great assists to the FSA in their war against Syria.

Despite these extremist groups’ brutal crimes against Syrian people, the FSA and the so-called Syrian National Coalition which represent the opposition have not ruled out their participation in the war.

Current reports of FSA commanders trying to distance themselves from al-Qaeda and its affiliated militant groups come as some European countries have opposed to provide them with more military aids over concerns that they may fall in the hands of extremists.

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