Aquarius – The Age Of Evil (Full Movie)

A documentary film by Keith Thompson : 2012 took place in 2008 because the Gregorian calendar is four to six years off. It took place at the spring equinox. Pope Gregory forced the new calendar on the world in 1587. Thousands of people were burned at the stake for being heretics for not accepting the new calendar. 2011 is actually 2015. D.Alexandr D’Maddalena The world wide recession began in 2008 for the Spanish told the Aztecs they had a sickness that only gold can cure — gold standard is our economic system. 2012 – 520 = 1492.The sun was not born on Dec 25….this is the winter solstice. It is completely PAGAN! NOWHERE in the Bible does it say this. Christmas became federal holiday in 1800’s from ROMAN PAGAN CATHOLICS! They are indoctrinating the mass to accept Luciferian dogma in the guise of Christianity.