“Armageddon Outa Here!”

By British National Party

As the global financial system seems set to slide into the abyss, Nick Griffin explains that the ‘elite’ have already prepared for the disaster they’ve created – with our money!

“We don’t really know what’s happening, but it’s going to get very nasty.” My twitter followers may recall that phrase from a tweet I posted a month or so back. It’s a verbatim quote from a man described as “a fairly high level banker” by a reliable member who runs a clay pigeon shoot to which said banker and several friends had gone for a day out.

He said it in reply to our member’s question as to what is happening with the global financial system and what’s going to happen next. As such it is very significant for two reasons:

First, his admission (which our chap says he’s sure was genuine) that he and his banking colleagues don’t understand what’s going on. Second, that, despite that, they know enough to recognise a financial and economic train crash in progress when they see one, even though they may not know exactly why it’s happening.

As a matter of fact, what is happening is, at root, very simple. It’s just that the Powers That Be don’t want us to know what a monumental mess they and their crooked system have got us all into.

In plain terms, the problem is that they have a fiat money system, where credit is created out of nothing as an interest bearing debt, meeting in head-on collision with the first big impact of Peak Oil: The abrupt ending of several hundred years of overall economic growth rooted in an apparently endless increase in high density fossil fuel energy, from coal and then oil.

Making matters worse, the financial system that is hitting the brick wall of energy scarcity is revved up by an orgy of speculation and greed. Warren Buffett’s description of financial derivatives as ‘Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction’ was brilliantly descriptive right from the start, but we still haven’t quite reached the point when everyone understands just how right he was.

Corporate puppets

We are now at the end of several decades in which the financial corporations have gone all out to use their puppets in the political, media and academic elites to break down every last barrier to short-term gambling and fiscal irresponsibility on an unimaginable scale.

Only the complexity of their multitude of interlocking schemes and institutionalised thefts has so far concealed the simple truth: The whole lot adds up to corruption and financial insanity on a scale that dwarfs the combined follies of Tulip Mania, the South Sea Bubble and every Ponzi scheme in history. The looting on the streets that so shocked England last month pales into total insignificance compared to the looting organised in the boardrooms of the world’s great financial corporations.

The icing on the resulting already sickly cake is provided by the Utopian mania of elite conspirators such as those who created the Euro. They knew from the very beginning that their attempt to force most of Europe into the Procrustean bed of a single currency could only result in the short southern countries being stretched past breaking point and the tall, more productive northern ones having their heads and feet hacked off in a doomed attempt to bail out their broken neighbours.

The Europhiles were well aware that this would happen, but regarded it as a ‘benevolent crisis’ because it would provide them with the excuse to do what they wanted to do at the start – impose not just a common currency but total financial and economic union under central Brussels control.

It is, furthermore, entirely possible that a similar ideologically motivated financial suicide pill may also be envisaged for the US dollar. The bid to effectively merge the USA with Canada (enormous reserves of filthy, inefficient but hugely valuable shale oil) and Mexico (enormous reserves of cheap, non-unionised labour), is not a conspiracy theorists’ myth but a genuine political project.

Planned meltdown?

It is, however, so unwanted, undemocratic and obviously ‘unsaleable’ that, like the creation of a federal Europe, it would need a financial and subsequent economic and social crash of historic proportions in order for the elite to bulldoze a new pan-American currency – the Amero – through the barriers of public opinion, national sovereignty and plain commonsense.

The jury is still out as to whether the gathering crisis was planned all along by the elite, or whether they will simply try to exploit events over which they themselves no longer have any control. In a way, it doesn’t make much difference to us little people. Either way we’re going to be screwed – unless we organize to fight back and provide both credible explanations and attractive solutions.

The financial crisis of the old order can be summed up as the result of a corrupt banking system, fueled by short-term greed and driven by sociopathic Utopian fantasists, hitting the brick wall of the physical reality of energy scarcity. Crash, bang, wallop, what a picture! No wonder even those who are too close to the banking trees to see it feel that dark fear that “it’s going to get very nasty.”

Of course, old hands radicals of all persuasions including ours will have heard repeated predictions, going back many decades, of an impending ‘crisis of capitalism’. Some of those were indeed followed by serious economic shocks, others simply failed to materialise, but so far the System has survived them all.

Plunge Protection operations (in which vast sums of US government cash have been spent propping up share prices), and in the last couple of years Quantitative Easing (i.e. printing fortunes in paper money and giving it to favoured elite friends to use to buy real assets) have put off the day when the financial train slams into the buffers at the end of the track.

Secretive elite

It is, of course, always possible that the ingenious folks at the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Council for Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group and the other interlocked and secretive elite organisations may come up with further ways to postpone the Day of Reckoning by even more reckless use of taxpayers’ money and shackling the chains of debt on future generations.

Printing more money – vast amounts of it – might help for a bit, but at the cost of hyper-inflation. Germans in particular have particularly bad memories of where wheelbarrows full of currency can lead, however, and it’s not exactly a constructive answer. Is there any other way, within the confines of the present rotten system?

The markets clearly doubt it, and the consensus of economic commentators seems to be that, in their efforts to contain the crisis, the central banks are effectively out of ammunition, out of ideas and out of time.

That is certainly the opinion of a business lawyer with whom I was speaking the other day. “No one in any serious business goes into insolvency without preparing for it. Once they decide it can’t be avoided they move to secure their assets. Whether it’s a jobbing printer putting their printing equipment in someone else’s name or a banking elite putting their money somewhere safe, it’s all the same.

“The big boys in the financial world know what’s coming and have already taken precautions to protect themselves and their friends,” he told me with worldly-wise cynicism.

“QE wasn’t really about keeping things afloat. If it had actually worked in the long-run it would have been a bonus, but the main aim was always simply to buy enough time, and provide the money, for a gigantic elite shopping spree.

“Farmland, gold, energy shares, grain supplies, water companies – on both a corporate and personal level they’ve been buying up everything which will have real value on the other side of the Crash and all the chaos that will come with it.”

Banksters v the ‘little people’

One way or another, the banksters who’ve created the mess have been working very hard to make sure that they’re not the ones who get hurt by it. In fact, they’ll be hoping to use it to loot the ‘little people’ even more.

At the same time, their politician friends are planning to use the Crash as an excuse to impose different bits of their One World dreams. Financial unions, control of everything from the Internet to guns, more powerful police forces to keep the peasants under control – they’re all on the way. Schools, hospitals, local government, military supply chains, picturesque islands and national parks – if it doesn’t move they’ll privatise it. We’re going to see the biggest fire-sale in human history.

These things now cannot be avoided; it is now only a minor question of timing. The big question, however, remains bigger than ever: Will they get away with it?

In trying to get the right answer to this, it is vital to remember one thing: Despite the enormous powers of the elite, and for all their scheming to dodge and benefit from the fall-out from their disaster, most of what is now happening is beyond anyone’s control. An entire system is coming off the rails, because it’s just run out of fossil energy track.

Forget shale oil, gas fracking, biofuels and windfarms. They will all play some kind of role in the cruel, degraded, neo-feudal world that will be the outcome of all this if the elite keep control. But none of them has the energy density or low production costs to replace ‘conventional’ fossil fuels. They will widen even further the gap between those who have such assets and the exploited serfs who don’t, but they are incapable of providing the energy basis to recreate our pre-crash world.

For a better future

In the right hands, however, they could be used to help build a better post-crash future (though thorium reactors and a massive transport electrification programme would give far better results). Exactly what that future can be and precisely how it will be built are beyond the scope of this article – indeed, beyond anyone’s ability to set out in detail at present. But among the starting points will have to be a collective growing up.

The insidious and pernicious superstitions of the Age of Oil will have to be jettisoned. The most ridiculous and dangerous of them is the conviction that it is possible to have perpetual growth on a small planet with finite resources.

‘Mainstream’ economists of all stripes appear to share the thoughtless assumption that the law of supply and demand applies to raw materials such as oil and copper. Unfortunately, the reality is that they do not. It doesn’t matter how thirsty you get in a desert, your increasing demand for water in your empty canteen isn’t going to fill it.

The same is true of oil, copper, rare earth minerals, phosphates, soil, grain, fish and a frightening assortment of the natural resources on which our civilisation, way of life and burgeoning world population depend absolutely.

Far from having access to the unlimited reserves that the bankers, economists and politicians believe are just waiting to be unlocked given enough demand and technological progress, the reality is that Mankind is not so much at Peak Oil as Peak Everything. Globalism and consumerism are eating up the world, and the drive to turn gigantic countries such as China and India into resource gobbling clones of the USA and Europe threaten to swallow what is left in a few gulps.

The sooner the superstition of limitless growth is abandoned, the sooner we can get to grips with turning the coming Age of Scarcity into the era that can follow it – a time where we will abolish obscenities such as built-in obsolescence and throwing Kenyan families off their little ancestral farms so that the supermarkets can fly in tasteless green beans to sell us all year round.

Well made future

We can and must move forward to a time where locally produced food, grown and reared in ways that return fertility to the soil, is enjoyed in its proper season. We can and must move forward to a time when value is not primarily measured by how cheap something is but by how well it is made and how long it will last. We can and must move forward to a time when things are not built to be sold and thrown away, but to be bought, cherished and repaired.

We can and must move forward to a time when the needlessly created wants promoted by cynical and manipulative advertisers (“the bureaucrats of capitalism”) are replaced by the satisfaction of buying good and truly useful things produced as close to home and sustainably as possible.

The transition to a successor to the current Age of Waste is inevitable, but we still have a choice as to what will come after it. If things stay on their present destructive trajectory, the ‘long emergency’ of Peak Oil, and the intertwined shortages that are coming with it, are likely to lead to a sort of new feudalism.

The ‘big boys’ of banking, energy, corporate cannibalism and military clout will use their existing wealth and power to grab everything and everyone that survives the helter-skelter slide down the grim side of the Hubbert’s Peak.

[Note for newcomers: Hubbert was the American geologist who first identified the bell curve graph of oil production that geological reality imposes on individual wells, oil fields, producer nations and total global production alike.

Having just passed its halfway high point, we still have plenty of oil left, the problem is that we have used up the oil that was most easily found and extracted, the best quality oil that was most easy refined, the supplies in the most stable and safe parts of the world.

In simple terms, we have used all the good stuff that gave us the maximum amount of energy out for the minimum amount put in. Drilling in mile deep water in the hurricane-ridden Gulf of Mexico or open cast mining Canada for shale oil isn’t yet scraping the bottom of the barrel, but as the boss of Shell has now admitted “the age of easy oil is over.”]

If the banks, corporations and their political and media puppets succeed in convincing most people that we can have globalist business as usual, as long as we leave things to them, then the failure to change long term direction will lead to multiple and mutually reinforcing disasters, including famine and resource wars.

Traditional futurism

If, on the other hand, we succeed in slaying the globalist dragon and bringing the banks to heel, then we can build a traditional futurist world of families, local communities and historically-rooted nations. A Britain where buildings, cities and governments alike are built and run to essentially human scales. A Britain where the short-termist exhaustion of our soil through agribusiness monocultures is replaced by family farms and mixed agriculture which build fertility and sustainable productivity as the foundations of a healthy nation and the birthright of future generations

We can set about building a system where the creative drive of individual human beings is free to work its magic through private enterprise without being crushed by either socialist EU bureacracy or capitalist monopoly.

We can refuse to exist as ignorant cattle herded from crisis to crisis, as nervous sheep submitting to endless fleecing in exchange for ‘protection’ against real or imaginary wolves, as beaten dogs begging for scraps of dried out bones. We can wake up, stand up, and live as freeborn Britons – lions whose deeds and whose roar have built and shaken the world in the past, and will do so again.

But before we can do any of those good things, we have to win. For the last year or two, the first step was simply to survive the waves of external and ‘internal’ attacks that we have faced as part of a Europe-wide war against all genuine nationalist organisations.

At times it was touch and go, but – against all the odds – we in the British National Party have survived. Friends of ours in organizations overseas who are facing exactly the same kinds of lies and subversion as we have faced are in several cases still reeling under the blows. I pray that they will weather the storm and go on to prosper and grow, and I tell them that they can do so, because we have done. The attempted murder of the British National Party has failed. Next year, we bounce back.

The desperate attempts to break the nationalist opposition everywhere is happening because the globalists know that their time is running out fast. They know better than we do just how unstable their entire system has become; they know just how rapidly their threadbare legitimacy and addled authority will be shattered as the public lose patience with them and all their works.

They know their slow motion crash will grind on. Their only realistic aim is – before it’s too late – to take out the real opposition. All over the world, that means us nationalists.

The more their System crumbles, the more they and their media, police and undercover puppets will lash out in more desperate attempts to shake our faith and weaken our ability to make political capital from the great unravelling now underway.

We will not find it easy, but they will not get their way. We will survive, and we will go on to win!

Paper coin – that forgery Of the title-deeds, which ye Hold to something of the worth Of the inheritance of Earth.

Asses, swine, have litter spread And with fitting food are fed; All things have a home but one – Thou, Oh, Englishman, hast none!

Men of England, heirs of Glory, Heroes of unwritten story, Nurslings of one mighty Mother, Hopes of her, and one another;

Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number, Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you – We are many – they are few.

– Shelley. The Mask of Anarchy