Active shooter outside Dallas courthouse stopped by police

A masked man opened fire outside the courthouse in Dallas, Texas, but was killed by police officers before he could injure anyone. The downtown area is on lockdown and will remain so for most of the day.

Police responded to reports of an active shooter at the Earle Cabell federal courthouse on Monday morning, finding a masked man with a rifle. A local newspaper photographer captured the suspect in the moment before he opened fire on the courthouse.

Authorities identified the attacker as Brian Isaack Clyde, 22. He was killed at the scene. There were no other injuries, and the only damage to the courthouse amounted to several broken windows and the damaged revolving door entrance.

A “suspicious device” was found in Clyde’s car and exploded by the police around 10:30 local time.

There was no word on Clyde’s background or motives for the attempted attack. The FBI is investigating.