ACLU sues to make sure unborn babies can be dismembered – piece by piece

Abortion is a troublesome and dubious subject, and even among the individuals who guarantee to be either professional or against abortion there are wide contrasts in sentiment.

There are the individuals who are completely restricted to abortion regardless of the conditions, and the individuals who accept a lady’s entitlement to pick implies she ought to be permitted to end a pregnancy under any conditions. At that point there are the individuals who are against abortion aside from when the child is irreversibly twisted or the mother’s wellbeing is in danger. Also, there are the individuals who feel that a lady who has been assaulted ought not be compelled to convey her attacker’s kid to term yet ought to reserve the option to an abortion.

Even among those who view themselves as pro-abortion, however, there are many who are repulsed by the concept of dismemberment abortion – the act of dismembering a living but unborn child piece by piece between the 11th and 24th weeks of gestation.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) does not share that sentiment. The organization immediately filed a lawsuit in federal court after Governor Eric Holcomb signed off on Indiana’s Enrolled Act 1211. The Act allows for felony charges to be brought against anyone who performs a dismemberment abortion in the state, and the ACLU claims this will place an “unwarranted burden” on women who want to obtain abortions in their second trimester of pregnancy.

Indiana House Enrolled Act 1211 allows for felony charges against abortionists who cut unborn babies with beating hearts into pieces using abortion dismemberment techniques. Such procedures are frequently performed during the second trimester of gestation, while babies are almost fully formed. After first dilating the mother’s cervix, the abortionist inserts steel instruments into the womb to dismember the baby and then pull out the baby’s parts.

Abortionists typically perform dismemberment abortions between 11 and 24 weeks of gestation. Unborn babies at 11 weeks have detectable heartbeats and brain activity. They respond to touch, show signs of being right- or left-handed, and suck their thumbs. Babies born at 24 weeks of gestational age have at least a 40-percent survival rate.

Many legislators are repulsed by this procedure and have campaigned tirelessly to outlaw it. Gov. Holcomb’s signature protects the unborn, making it a felony to “knowingly or intentionally” perform a dismemberment abortion, unless there are serious medical grounds for doing so.

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