Aussie’s power bills to DOUBLE within five years – Don’t let it happen to you America

(For USA readers, Australia has just passed a carbon tax)

They are going to bring us back to a pre industrial era. Watch for an explosion in candle sales. You are going to be too afraid to turn on a light switch let alone an air conditioner. Australia was too dumb to say no.

Now we are really fucked. Tony Abbot will not repeal it all despite what he says. There is too much money at stake for powerful energy and banking interests who are set to make mega fortunes. There really is no where to turn.

The system is setup so only crony A or crony B can win. Absolutely fucked no matter who we pick. We cannot fix this at an election…this one is going to take protesting the likes of which Australia has never seen. You are going to need to put down your beer cans, forget about the football and get organized fast because tyranny is about to shake you down for your $$$ real hard.

The worst part is brainwashed Borg socialists go to Occupy protests and demand that our power bills double. I listened to the Occupy Melbourne speeches and most of them were about demanding action on climate change…or fraud I should say. This is the “action” you will get Occupiers. Pay double…and then triple – mark my words.

The weather has always changed, it has always been chaotic and there have been MUCH warmer periods in history which the IPCC mobsters try and hide. But people are easily conned…they “believe” in climate change like it’s a religion. If it was so provable there would not even be a debate about it. Science is not a religion. I don’t believe in 1+1=2, I know it is true. Just think about this – Greenland was once green a long time ago….no industry and cars….where did the hot climate come from? THE SUN for crying out loud.

Fear mongering is how the elite of this world manipulate us. They used god in the past but now god is not so universal, they are using “nature”.

They get you scared, you say “do something” and then they bring in their agenda whatever it may be. It has worked this way for at least 2000 years and it is very finely tuned, meaning they can play us like Jimmy Page plays a guitar.

VICTORIANS need to urgently educate themselves about the looming surge in electricity prices this year, or face bills so high many will struggle to pay them, the chief of an energy price comparison service says.

Power use surged yesterday, after temperatures in Melbourne hit 39.6 degrees at 6pm. Today the temperature is forecast to hit 35 degrees, after an overnight low of 24.

The spike in electricity use followed power prices in Victoria jumping on New Year’s Day, by an average 10 per cent.

Much of this increase was on the charge to consumers for simply being connected to the grid – meaning users will now pay more regardless of whether they cut their power use or not.

And, according to Ben Freund, chief executive of price comparison service company GoSwitch, another jump of about 10 per cent is likely to follow on July 1, when the carbon tax begins.

The new tax, combined with mandatory renewable energy targets and chronic under-investment by power companies in infrastructure, will cause prices to rise further across Australia. ”We are looking at the doubling of the cost of power in five years’ time,” Mr Freund said.

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