NASA Astronaut Used UFO Mothership Wallpaper On His ISS Computer


Down below image was photographed at the International Space Station in 2006 during Soyuz TMA-8 mission. In the photograph you can see Flight Engineer Mr. Jeffrey Nels Williams, who is now a retired United States Army officer and a NASA astronaut.

During his six-month stint at the International Space Station in 2006, Williams orbited the earth more than 2,800 times.

During Expedition 13, he worked on hundreds of experiments, walked in space twice, and captured more photographs of the earth than any other astronaut in history.

Many of his photos are found in his book The Work of His Hands: A View of God’s Creation from Space, where he shares personal narrative and vivid photos of the earth.

Back to the image, when you enlarge the image you can clearly see a UFO mothership wallpaper on Jeffrey Nels Williams ISS computer.

Image Source :

Image Source

Down below is comparison between ISS computer wallpaper and The Importance of Disclosure.pdf cover image.

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