Are You Alive or Just Breathing? 10 Ways to Feel More Alive

700_59c6a53eb887ec8d82d84ecfc153a803Have you ever noticed that sometimes we go about life doing things everyday and we end up in a bit of a rut? Maybe we lost sight of the magic in life; or the excitement that was once there as a kid but now seems to be lost in the piles of responsibility and hustle of our everyday lives. I of course have felt these things in my life as well and at various times, Ive noticed that the only way out of these situations you may feel stuck in, is to really shake things up. While most of these things can be related back to fear in the end, just me telling you to address the fear, isn’t going to be much help is it? So lets get practical with it. Lets throw out 10 ideas to start bringing more experiences into our life and spice things up a little. Before we get into this list fully, remember that we must also look within when it coms to how we feel in life, more often than not, the dis-ease we feel with life starts within!

1. Since fear relates to this article, why not start with a simple one. Share your fears publicly with people. Have you ever noticed that when we are afraid of something we sometimes dont want others to know? Maybe we are embarrassed, maybe we think that by not saying it that it will go away. I have found that by being very open and upfront with fears, you can begin seeing them in a new light and sometimes others can assist you in being accountable for moving beyond them. Plus, many people have awesome advice to share, by speaking up, you open yourself up to the opportunity to hear some great wisdom.

2. We can also tell someone how you really feel about them. Whether its a loved one, a person you may have been having some issues with or someone you admired but havent told them, share your feelings with them. You may notice just by reading this that a few people may have popped up in your head. Ask yourself why you havent told them already. This can be a powerful exercise in recognizing what is holding you back in sharing your feelings. Taking action on this will let you feel things out and better understand yourself. In the end you might notice you will feel very empowered.

3. Another great step is to be honest with yourself when it comes to the changes you wish to make in life. This is important because it allows you be honest with yourself about the choices you want to make and why you want to make them. This way you will avoid trying to convince yourself of why you might be doing certain things.

4. Speak to a friend about how you really feel about how you spend your time. Much like being honest with yourself, taking the time to talk to someone else about it can be very powerful as it becomes more real. Others can also offer their advice and ideas so that you can be better prepared to keep on going. Most of this still comes down to self observation in the end, so remember the honesty with self.

5. One way to start doing more things is to make a list of things you think you might enjoy. How often have we been in a conversation and something someone says triggers us to say Oh ya! I have always wanted to do that! Try to remember what those things were and make a list. By making a list of things you want to do, you can visually see how many things you may be pushing aside. You can then prioritize and start taking some steps.

6. Once you have your list, take the steps to sign up for a class to learn a new skill. There is probably something that you have wanted to learn or at least try, and maybe you didnt have all the equipment for, or know how to do it. Why not take a class and see if its something you truly want to do? Who knows, you might find it to be something you become very passionate about. Its always better to try things than to continue wishing you had done them.

7. Dont be afraid to ask someone for help or advice. Sometimes when we choose to do something new, we realize we may not know what to do, how to take a step or what the best choice might be. This is when it might be a good idea to talk to someone else who may have done what you are looking to do and see if they have advice. Remember though, you can never make mistakes in life, everything is a learning lesson no matter the outcome.

8. Meeting new people is also an awesome way to start experiencing more of life. Think of all the friends you have today, the memories, the good times, the connections, there was once a time when you didnt know these people at all. There is a whole world out there of awesome people with so much to offer, meeting them by saying a simple hello at work or in public or going out to that meet-up you always decide to avoid.

9. Take a trip! Whether we have a little bit of spare cash or a lot, there are always options available to see another area of the world; even if its only a couple hours away. There are plenty of ways to travel inexpensively and see the places you have wanted to see. Sometimes its a matter of looking around at what is possible.

10. Take action with this list! Chances are you red this list and said, Oh, neat. Maybe I will do some of those. Then by the time you go get a drink of water, you will forget all about it. When we want to make changes in our life, it usually requires a bit of action. I always like to start by looking at myself. How do I feel? Am I lacking a feeling of peace within myself? I dont tend to use external things to generate that peace, but sometimes a change of scenery, doing something new or meeting new people can kickstart areas of internal reflection that cant be had just sitting alone all the time. We are human, here to experience this world. Go out and have fun.

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