Aurora shooting: Bizarre court filing blames massacre on police chief, Illuminati

By Michael Roberts

Earlier, we introduced you to the James Holmes is Innocent Facebook group, whose members say they’re uninterested in wild conspiracy theories — like, for example, the assertions in the strangest Aurora theater shooting document to date. The motion, made public yesterday and on view below, deals with claims allegedly (but not actually) made by a victim pointing the finger of blame at Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates and the Illuminati.

The filing, submitted on August 27, redacts the name of the person who supposedly submitted it — but the text suggests that the moniker appears in the official charging document, which lists 116 counts of attempted murder. Moreover, the victim whose identity was appropriated is female, as indicated in an order by Judge William Sylvester that responds to the motion; it’s on view below as well. A footnote reads, “The District Attorney’s Office has informed the Court that the victim indicated in this Motion informed an investigator that she did not file it.”

The text of the “Motion to Intervene” asks the court to take action in the James Holmes criminal case based on “newly discovered withheld evidence,” as well as the author’s eagerness to “speak out about the truth that i believe in my heart that James Holmes is innocent” and should be released immediately.

Why? Because, the document continues, “James is being framed by [Denver billionaire] Philip Anschutz, police chief Dan Oates, and the illuminati.”

Also name-checked is 18th Judicial District DA Carol Chambers, who is supposedly forcing the filer to testify as a victim against her will. “I am not a victim” of James Holmes, the author continues, because “he never shot me.”

So…what happened? “District Attorney Carol Chambers & Police chief Dan Oates came to my house and told me they are going to arrest me for online prostitution and escort services and charity fraud,” the narrative continues, “and to make a deal with them to pretend I was a victim in this case. Dan Oates then shot me, told me in places [sic] that were not life threatening.”

The writer then insists that “I don’t want to lie under oath and pretend I’m a victim when i’m not and have my testimony contribute to James being convicted. I can’t live with that.”

After alleging that another person whose name has been redacted “is not a victim either,” the motion concludes with the following:

“This case must be looked at by the F.B.I., Arapahoe county is corrupt. Free James Holmes! Other suppose [sic] victims in this case are govt actors. They all must take polygraph tests. Please donate to my charity, the proceeds will go to James for commissary and to get him real attorneys. I demand congress get involved too!”

105211790 Motion to Intervene in James Holmes Case

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