El Paso Shooter Father: Bryan Crusius Tied to John of God

Background Info: The father of the 21-year-old man arrested for the El Paso shooting massacre was a drug addict for almost 40 years and is now an energy healer who claims to have had visions of Jesus Christ and his dead grandmother, DailyMail.com revealed. (Interesting Video Below)

Bryan Crusius, 63, revealed in a 2014 memoir details of the broken home his son grew up in, confessing to decades of drug and alcohol abuse that led to the breakup of both his first marriage and his 18-year relationship with the alleged shooter’s mother. The 2,300 word screed, attributed to the author P.Crucius on one website, speaks of a perceived ‘Hispanic invasion of Texas’; a detailed plan to segregate ethnic minorities into separate territories of the country; and expresses a belief that white people will soon be ‘ethnically replaced.’

His father’s book at least suggest that lengthy and rambling postings are in the family. Crusius Sr, who now works as a licensed therapist and ‘energy and sound medicine practitioner’ in Allen, Texas.

The book, entitled Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery, reveals how Crusius Sr struggled with mental health problems that impacted his four children. A teaser on the back of the $12.95 book’s cover says that before writing his memoir he had ‘descended into a profound and unsustainable apathy in which life no longer seemed purposeful or worthwhile’ after ‘thirty years of dependence on mind-altering chemicals’.

The therapist, who says he has now kicked drugs and drink, through ‘a unique synthesis of traditional talk therapy with multiple energy modalities’ which he says ‘infuses spiritual principles, sound healing, guided meditation, life force energy, and other eclectic methods with traditional talk therapy.’

In the first chapter, the father-of-four admits to being ‘an addict for roughly forty years’. The majority of the father’s memoir is a rambling account of his various hallucinations and ‘visions’ while meditating with other spiritualists and ‘energy healers’. In one bizarre session, he recounts speaking with Jesus.

‘Christ greeted me with a smile. He pulled his robe aside again with his right hand to reveal the flaming heart of love and compassion. He addressed me thus: “Bryan, you have chosen the Path of the Heart,”’ the licensed therapist wrote. 

He used to work at the now closed Timberlawn psychiatric hospital located in Dallas, Texas. There has been numerous of accidents that have happened as the state stepped in and revoked the license. Here are some of the interesting events which occurred at the place he worked; no information is known when he did work here:

Physician Dies After Patient Attack in Dallas Hospital

2016: A physician at Dallas’ Timberlawn Mental Health System who was attacked by an upset patient Thursday has died.

Tony Cason, a patient at Timberlawn, was angry after learning on June 30 that he would be transferred to a different facility for treatment, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

He attacked Ruth Mardock outside his hospital room as a result. “Suspect Cason violently tackled complainant Mardock to the ground,” the affidavit reads. “Mardock struck her head on the ground and lost consciousness.”The attack was captured on surveillance video, which has not been made public.

But the most important key to this…

State Moves to Close Dallas Psychiatric Hospital After Child Raped

2017: Texas health officials are taking steps to close Timberlawn psychiatric hospital after a child said she was raped there.

The state’s move to revoke Timberlawn’s license, announced Friday, is one of the strongest steps it can take against health care facilities. The unusual effort speaks to Timberlawn’s long history of safety problems — it was already the only psychiatric hospital on probation with the state.

“I think it was about time. If they’re not going to correct their deficiencies, I don’t know how you can leave it that way,” said John MarDock, whose sister, Dr. Ruth MarDock, was killed in 2016 after being attacked by a patient.

Texas health officials said Friday that it would be up to Timberlawn and its owner, United Health Services, to transfer patients to other appropriate health facilities.

And this next event was the start of it; back in 2015:

Brittney Bennetts hanged herself from a closet doorknob with a torn bedsheet

2015: Brittney Bennetts checked herself into Timberlawn Mental Health System in Dallas as she struggled with another bout of dissociative disorder that left her suicidal.

There, in her room, the 37-year-old hanged herself from a closet doorknob with a torn bedsheet.

Five months before Bennetts’ suicide on Dec. 3, Timberlawn officials had been warned by an internal survey that such doorknobs posed a potential “ligature risk,” meaning they could be used by patients to hang themselves.

But the doorknobs weren’t fully replaced until Feb. 19, the hospital told authorities. That was two days after the first in a series of unannounced safety inspections.

Please Note: There is no connection and nor are we implying he was involved at all…. All we know is that he worked there for a unknown period of time. At least three other female patients have complained to police or Timberlawn staff about unwanted sexual contact since 2014, The Dallas Morning News has found. So it’s interesting to know how many other cases are unreported or completely unknown to the victims. But how does this connect to the shooting? It doesn’t but it does provide some more interesting information about his father. So then did some searching and came across this other interesting video about the shooters father stated that he was tied to John of God… : (Thanks to anon who saved video)

John of God Video:

Now we have that video saved and please view it because it lays out the John of God connection… Now this makes the story and also provides more questions than answers. It’s also curious as why his complete youtube channel was wiped only a few hours after the event. But now lets dig somewhat into John of God for some people who don’t know.

Brazilian spiritual healer Once Hyped By Oprah ‘John of God’ indicted for rape, accused of sexually abusing nearly 600 women

Celebrity Brazilian healer “John of God” has been indicted for rape by deception and is accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women, according to the federal prosecutor’s office in the state of Goias.

The investigation into the sexual abuse allegations against John the God, whose real name is João Teixeira de Faria, began after police were approached by his latest alleged victim, the prosecutor’s office told ABC News on Wednesday.

Nearly 600 female victims — ranging in age from 9 to 67 — have claimed they were sexually abused by the medium, according to the prosecutor’s office, which added that four of the alleged victims are American.

So above that should give you an idea about this John of God guy.. So now makes me question.. Was the shooting a cover to blow steam off the Epstein case? To shield Pedos? Not sure but I do know stuff doesn’t add up with these shootings.. And also how they are calling out the chan sites.. The Beginning of online censorship … Stay Tuned for more.. Keep trying to find stuff, they are still removing stuff as we speak!