Benjamin Fulford Attacked? By The Same Poison As David’s Insider?

No idea when exactly David posted this, but it had to be within the last 2 hours (currently it’s 20:10 HST). This story keeps getting more and more “bizarre”, although that word is in quotes because nothing is “bizarre” to me anymore! There’s a lot of strange medical stuff in here, so I’m cutting it off before it gets too medically “descriptive”.

Read on… (I have not included any images David put in his, so go to the original article to see them).

I would like to suggest we all send David and Ben and David’s insider and even John McHaffie the Higher Light and Love, for all concerned in this. Aloha, KP.



Shortly after I posted the above update, I got an alarming letter from Benjamin Fulford — particularly after having just done two months of conferences on the road myself.

Apparently, at a conference this past Saturday (Friday in most time zones,) Ben was doing meet-and-greets with audience members. Someone shook his hand and apparently jabbed him in the wrist with a small, concealed needle as they did.

Ben immediately sucked the wound and spit out whatever fluids he could get. He seemed to be fine afterwards. Then he read my update and became alarmed. Two days after this happened, he still does not have any symptoms.

Here is Ben’s original letter:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Fulford Benjamin
Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 4:54 PM
To: David Wilcock


Can you get me more info about the bio weapon. On Saturday, after I made a public appearance, a man came up to me, shook my hand and then jabbed my wrist with something, leaving a small hole.

I sucked at it immediately to remove whatever it may have been and I feel fine today, Monday. However, after reading your update, I would like to hear from the people who have the anti-dote.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

After reading this, and seeing the stakes going up even more, I called and got further information — and was cleared to reveal more details.

My hope in doing this is not to alarm anyone, nor give any fuel to the fire of those who seek to create fear. Nor do I believe Fulford is lying.

Simply put, if this technology is now being used to try to hurt anyone working on the mass arrests from the inside, this information will be of urgent and immediate value to them.

Let me warn you — this is not for the squeamish.

The weird thing about this weapon is it shows up as both animal and vegetable in blood tests. Specifically, there are two forms of bacteria (animal) and one form of vegetable, which is fungus-like.

The two bacterial agents combine to smash down and majorly weaken the immune system. Then the vegetable / fungus-like agent goes in and dramatically weakens the sinew tissue. It also weakens the bone, though this effect apparently is not needed.

The person dies of a seemingly natural heart attack after being violently ill. The sinew tissue holding the heart together is no longer strong enough to maintain its integrity — and it comes apart. This takes 3-4 days to develop.

Then as soon as the body dies and the temperature drops, the three co-factors get a shutdown signal and go into remission. Therefore, they cause no further degradation of the sinew or bone after death. This makes it very hard to detect.

This final shut-off signal is part of what makes it so sophisticated and unusual, as apparently such a weapon would normally continue acting on bodily tissues after death.

An autopsy might show a little bit of degradation in bone and sinew, but not enough to be detected in most cases unless they knew what they were looking for.

Furthermore, the lack of abnormal metabolites in the blood also makes the co-factors very unlikely to be detected.


The symptoms were quite nasty. You may want to skip this part if you visualize and empathize with medical things too strongly.

He ended up with a soaring fever of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. His prostate became highly enflamed. Since this organ wraps around the ureter, it caused the urine to have to come through at very high pressure — like a squirt gun nozzle.

Every ten minutes he had to pee again, and the pain level was “much worse than kidney stones.” In the past he told me a story about passing kidney stones and it sounded like the most horrific pain imaginable.

He said he literally had to bite down on three pieces of leather in order to be able to pee, and this had to be done every 10 minutes. Even worse, he had nasty “explosive” diarrhea every 30 minutes, like clockwork.

It had a jet-black color to it, similar to there being blood in the stool, but no blood was detected.

He did feel this was probably a cleansing reaction. He had every reason to believe this was very old material that had been stored in his colon and needed to get out anyway.


A special heater was used to accelerate the growth of the blood culture once it arrived at the lab. The culture revealed blood metabolites similar to a staph / fungal infection and bacteria. This was the earliest result of the analysis.

However, the doctor that initially treated him did not have this information, and had to take a guess as to what to do. This guess is the only thing that saved his life.

This gives greater credit to the idea that some kind of divine intervention was involved, in my opinion. Otherwise he would be dead, and one of our most useful and trusted sources of insider information would have been silenced forever.

The doctor felt it was best to administer a medication that knocked out both bacteria and fungi very effectively, with a minimum of allergic reactions.

The drug that was given was Sulfamethoxazole, in 160-mg tablets. It is a combination of two different types of antibiotics.

The recommended dosage was one pill a day, but the doctor said to take two, in order to really go after this thing.

It turned out that the doctor’s “random guess” by “happenstance” was exactly the right thing needed to successfully attack and repel this weapon.


This was what I wrote Fulford before I got the above briefing. By this point I knew that there was a bacterium and a fungus-like agent involved.

In the absence of any conventional medical treatments, the whole key is to detox the blood and strengthen the immune system. So this was my main reply to Ben:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: David Wilcock
Date: Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 5:56 PM
Subject: Re:
To: Fulford Benjamin

OK… he’s not answering. Fungus is one key part of this thing. The most important thing would be for you to do a blood detox.

I would recommend taking a strong dose of Echinacea / Goldenseal tincture, if you can get it in Japan. Olive Leaf Extract, oregano oil, osha root, turmeric powder. Any of those things or all if you can get them.

Drink a great deal of water, as pure as you can get it. Eat lots of fresh, raw organic vegetables. Also take zeolites even though this has nothing to do with radtn. You may also want to drink a healthy dose of liquid chlorophyll and take 6 charcoal pills if you can get it.

Also I would highly recommend at least one hot detox bath a day, preferably two. Dump an entire liter of apple cider vinegar into the water, a carton of Epsom salts and a good-sized bottle of hydrogen peroxide liquid for each bath.

Soak for as long as you can, get out, cool down, go back in and soak again. This will pull toxins out of the skin.

Mega-dose all the vitamins — A, B complex, C, D (or go out and get sunlight) and E. Load up as much as you can on probiotics — fermented food. Get some Natto and eat the whole thing if you can.

Any type of super-green powder would be a very good idea as well. Also essential fatty acids — Omega 3, 6 and 9. Go have a nice run of sashimi.

Take the probiotics before eating. If you have enzyme supplements, take those after eating, as otherwise the detox herbs will be knocking out your enzymes. Really important to get nutrition. Also take a good healthy walk to keep your immune system up.

Those are the biggest things. The fact that you sucked it out of there may have saved your ass. If this was the same technology you would already be experiencing some strong symptoms by now.

– David


So, Fulford appears to have been attacked at the same time that one of my top insiders was attacked. This is just two and a half months after I lost a friend of mine within walking distance from my house.

Also, we lost David Hutzler and his son Mackie, under very suspicious circumstances, in December — while I was writing up the Financial Tyranny investigation.

I was given a serious death threat back in November when I first started the Financial Tyranny investigation. Kerry Cassidy caught me within less than an hour of when I received it, and got me on the radio.

I hadn’t had time to process the idea of being tortured to death, and I cried profusely on the air before pulling myself together. This was very emotional and most definitely not an act.

Some people chose to ridicule me for “crying like a bitch,” et cetera when this first happened, and believed either it was all a lie, or if it was a real threat, I should “be a man” and not worry about it.


I want to make it clear that I have not stopped as a result of that threat.

Nor did I stop after David and Mackie. Nor did I stop after the loss of my friend. Nor did I stop after the near-loss of one of my top insiders. Nor did I stop with Ben’s threat now included.

Additionally, I have had strange and sophisticated hacking attempts waged against me after my friend’s loss in April.

This included two different debit cards from my bank that were compromised in one week while I was in France.


My first card was compromised. I’d been using it for years and had all the numbers memorized. They then sent me another one to replace it. That card was then compromised within 2 days.

Someone walked into a bank branch in Las Vegas and produced California photo ID saying they were me.

They somehow had my checking account number, debit card and CVV number, and the correct answers to both of my security questions.

They also produced a telephone number that rang to an answering machine that said it was me, but was not my number. The only thing they did not have was my PIN. They wanted to have a new debit card issued to them.

The bank sensed fraud and put a complete freeze on my account. Were I not fortunate enough to have been carrying a bunch of Euros from my last trip, I would have suffered from a total lack of funds on the road.

Had they gotten the debit card successfully, they would have drained down my account as quickly as possible, while I was on the road and unlikely to get voicemails or check my balance.

Just recently the bank told me they did an investigation and found out it was done by one of their own employees, who has since been terminated.


Another strange thing that occurred just days after my friend’s death was a letter I got from my auto insurance carrier. Read it for yourself and you’ll see why it was so bizarre:

I never called them about this. I do not have a child. There was no “loss” involving the death of a child in a car.

Nor did I need to be reimbursed for a child car seat that may have been damaged by the loss of a child.

Of course, this could be written off as a bureaucratic mix-up, and that’s all it might be. I did not feel the need to publicize this when it happened.


Right after my bank account was so thoroughly compromised — causing problems I still haven’t fully resolved — I also discovered that many of my valid emails were routing into the Spam folder.

I only discovered this when I started losing valuable business emails that I was supposed to get. Once I went in there, I was dazzled, as every single invitation to do a radio show, film, and / or anything involving finances was routed in.

I’d already had problems with critical emails not appearing, and was not accustomed to ever looking in Spam. Now I check it constantly.

I then changed my password to something I have never used anywhere else and have never written down anywhere. Immediately the problem stopped. Now all I have in Spam is real spam.

Once I had the combination one-two punch of the bank account attack and the weird email problem, that was when I decided it was time to stop reading the 20-or-so letters of very intense hatred that were coming in every day.

Many of them were probably not real people, but some of them obviously were. Realizing the very real stakes involved, I decided that now was the time to stop exposing myself to so much negativity on a daily basis.

I have felt much, much better ever since doing that. It has been like a whole new world for me.


I highly doubt that all of these things are a coincidence. The stakes are very high and the danger is real. Someone definitely used an advanced weapon against one of my top insiders and came very close to ending his life.

My account is fine now and we have excellent security on the website. We have had to spend thousands more dollars than would normally be necessary to get a server that is much more robust than we would otherwise need to repel any and all such attacks.

This also gives us ferociously fast download speeds and the ability to handle much higher volumes of traffic than we currently receive, without actually collapsing.

Up until the most recent and most expensive upgrades, we were still suffering constant, massive “denial of service” hack attacks against this website as well.

I believe in a higher good, and think we should all pull together, as a community, in the face of these threats.


Again — the Cabal wouldn’t be doing things like this unless they were really desperate.

For that same reason, I do not see these things as a negative. Nor do I feel it is weak for me to be sharing them with you.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I did not feel a need to share this information before — but if it helps some of those people who are “on the fence” to realize that this is not a game, and real people are taking real risks, then that is a positive.

I very much look forward to seeing the results as the public finally wakes up.

It definitely seems that there is an urgent thrashing on the hook as the leviathan is being reeled in out of the murky depths.

By taking care of ourselves, we can avoid damage and insure that justice is served. I thank you for your support in this mission!