Bill Gates Wants to Export India’s National ID System Around the Globe

It’s not just a social credit score system spreading around the world from China that threatens the free people of the world; India’s Aadhaar National ID program has the full support of Bill Gates and the World Bank as a model for other countries to follow.

The Gates Foundation has promised to fund the World Bank with an end goal to take the ID program to different nations.

Regardless of Gates request that there are no protection issues with Aadhaar, a few legal disputes have gone to India’s preeminent court on grounds of security infringement.

The ID framework has had genuine security breaches, with access to a billion identities being sold for under $10 through WhatsApp.

One of the court filings (Mathew Thomas versus Union of India) subtleties the ascent of China’s social credit framework, contrasting the Indian Aadhaar activity with the Chinese program.

Maybe the most thrilling edge to this story is that a similar global tech organization that provides the foundation to Aadhaar likewise makes drivers licenses in the United States.

Idemia (once in the past Morpho), is a billion dollar worldwide enterprise. It is answerable for building a noteworthy segment of the world’s biometric observation and security frameworks, working in around 70 nations. Some American customers of the organization incorporate the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and the FBI.

The organization site says that Morpho has been “… assembling and overseeing databases of whole populaces… ” for a long time.

In the United States, Idemia is engaged with the creation of state gave drivers licenses in 42 states.

Idemia is currently driving computerized license preliminaries in the U.S. Delaware and Iowa are among five states engaged with the preliminaries this year. With the portable licenses, law authorization will have the option to remotely “ping” a drivers cell phone for their license.

The Indian government as of late declared a facial recognition program to screen every social medium stages, called the Advanced Application for Social Media Analytics.

Enormous tech organizations are utilizing China, India, South Korea and different nations as proving grounds for savvy urban communities, reconnaissance frameworks and order and control tech that are by and large stealthily turned out in the west.

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