Bias Response Teams on Campus: Controlling Freedom of Speech

When students see something that makes them uncomfortable, hurt or offended, on many campuses they can report that language to the administration — in particular, to something called a bias response team.

There are at least 232 bias response teams on American campuses with jurisdiction over the speech of least 2.84 million students (expected to increase) — at schools like the University of Utah, George Mason University and SUNY Buffalo & Many Other Popular Universities — according to a new report from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Bias response teams are collectives of administrators, faculty and other college officials. They encourage students to report speech that may be offensive, hurtful or marginalizing to minority groups — ultimately in an effort to help create a more inclusive campus.

Once a student’s speech is reported, university officials investigate. If the panel concludes it was biased speech, he or she could be sanctioned by the administration.

“It’s difficult to know” how students are punished, the author of the report, Adam Steinbaugh, said, because few of the colleges even release information about their investigations into the reported bias incidents. And those that do release information tend to only publish vague reports.

“Many campuses, especially public universities, have police forces legally indistinguishable from your local police department. They have the power to investigate, detain and arrest,” Steinbaugh said.

So there you have it.. No freedom of expression to express how you feel about these other people expressing themselves freely. I find it interesting how the one mentions gender pronouns. Like sorry – you’re a man or woman…. I couldn’t imagine how college is now, because sounds like a complete control practice run to get you ready for what’s to come in this new world.. What ever happened to Freedom of Speech in America?