Bypass Internet Censorship In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Go to…
Step 2: Download the Opera browser for your corresponding system. (Very stable browser akin to Firefox)
Step 3: Install the software
Step 4: In the bottom left corner of the browser there is a selection menu for various modes the browser has for operation. The button most to the right is to enable “Turbo mode”, turn this option on.
Step 5: Browse to the site of your choosing, et voila, no more ISP blocks.

How does this work?

Turbo Mode is originally meant for people who have a slow internet connection. What happens is that the browser compresses the data and routes it through a server hosted by opera itself, which at the same time functions as a DNS. So your ISP can’t see what site you are visiting behind the Opera server. How long this will keep working is something i can’t tell, but for now, it works.