Biden: I know ‘gruesome’ details from Sandy Hook that I can’t share

ap_biden_kb_130227_wmainCharlie Spiering
Washington Examiner

How did the MSM miss this huge story? Huh, Anderson Cooper… Put that on your show, because I know your staff reads ours website since you featured it on your attack piece of sandy hook conspiracy theorists.

Speaking to the National Association of Attorneys General this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden reminded the audience of the grisly horrors of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

“Twenty innocent babies riddled – riddled with bullet holes – were the press not here, I could tell you what is not public yet about how gruesome it was,” Biden said, revealing that he spoke to State Troopers about the investigation.

Biden insisted that the emotional impact of the Sandy Hook massacre had changed the public mood on gun control. “The excuse that its too politically risky to act, is no longer acceptable,” Biden said.