The Boston Marathon finish line is located at 666 Boylston Street



This is no joke! Now if you remember during the Sandy Hook conspiracy, we found out there was satanic connections to the school, local residents and even a local satanic church in Newtown which is connected to the ‘Church of Satan’ in California. Now how could this be connected to this Boston bombing? Well if you read our post the other day, you would know the Sandy Hook victims VIP tent was located right near the blast! You can’t make this stuff up.. Now could they be covering up something? Like the facts that nothing happened in that school? Or just a major coincidence? Here is a image of the finish line on Google maps, Ill provide the link so you can see for yourself. Now here is where it gets crazy; the first explosion was 66.6 feet away and second 666 feet away.

Here is the Google Maps Link (Look at the street view)