Beginning Of Disclosure? MUFON ‘Blockbuster’ Announcement

The Mutual UFO Network 2012 Symposium is now hitting complete stride. The annual occasion is a main MUFON fundraiser, consisting of three days of speakers, vendors and different meetings. It is getting held this year in Covington, Kentucky, August 3-5.

A especially intriguing item – potentially, anyway – happens to be on the schedule. At 4:30 p.m., Sunday, August 5, the “National Release of ‘Blockbuster’ UFO discovery” (sic) is scheduled to take spot.

MUFON International Director David ‘The Captain’ MacDonald stated in the July issue of the ‘MUFON Journal’:

It is our intent to release not one but two Major announcements which will resonate all through the UFO community for years to come.

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