Bloomberg on Texas Church Shooting: Citizens should not have guns; Only Cops should decide when to shoot

If you had any doubt about what gun control really means to the democrat party, then Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has just helped clarify the fact that gun control is about controlling the American populace.

On Sunday, Jack Wilson saved over 200 people when he fatally shot a gunman in a Texas church, proving that the only way to stop mass shooting is to allow good guys with guns to carry them everywhere. Wilson, who headed up the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement’s security team was able to respond and take out the shooter within seconds of the first shot.

While you would think this would once and for all shut the anti-gun left up for good, they have shown themselves for who they really are. None of this is about stopping bad guys with guns, they are only interested in disarming the American citizenry so they can have full and complete control over every aspect of our life.

Instead of praising the HERO, who saved over 200 lives,  Michael Bloomberg has doubled down on stupid and said it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot. He then said you DO NOT want the average citizen to be able to carry a gun.

This is not about stopping criminals, it’s about control. The facts are:

  • If Jack Wilson not been armed this would have been a slaughter beyond comprehension.
  • If Mr. Bloomberg had his way, the only person in that Church who would have been armed would have been the psychopath.
  • According to the National Sheriffs’ Association, when looking at mass shootings (in this case school shootings) the average shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, while the average police response time is 18 minutes.

Mr. Bloomberg knows this; he was the mayor of New York three times and runs Everytown for Gun Safety, one of the largest anti-gun organizations in the world. He has the data, has seen the data, and is fully aware that that police will never be able to respond in time to stop these mass-shootings. Yet, like most Democrats, he is still pushing to take guns away from every law-abiding citizen in the country.

So is this really about saving lives? Or is about one thing – CONTROL.

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