Is Bigfoot in the Process of Becoming Real?

Bigfoot research reminds me of string theory. Like string theory, Bigfoot research is all based on inferences drawn from a pretty small data set, and as we observe these inferences, the creature seems to takes on a life of its own.

In many ways, string theory resembles a very esoteric form of philosophy rather than objective empirical science, but it may help make sense of the world. There is an aspect of it that is very creative. In a particular line of thinking, studying string theory is like creating reality. According to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics, without a mind to observe it, “reality” remains in the realm of possibility as quantum superposition, collapsing into the real by the act of measuring.

Like the wise sage Mitch Hedberg once said “I think Bigfoot is blurry. That’s the problem“, but Bigfoot seems to become more real all the time as our minds have a chance to get our heads around him. There is lots of measuring going on with Bigfoot: For example, the size of the figure in the Patterson-Gimlin Footage has been calculated using computer simulations based on the dimensions of the figure compared to the surrounding rocks and trees. The debates continue. But certain characteristics seem to be collapsing

Like the cosmos, Bigfoot, in the collective imagination is being fleshed out. Let me tell you about them from various things picked up on the internet:

– They have a joint in the midfoot that humans don’t have.

– They have dermal ridges(similar to finger prints) on their feet in a pattern different from humans.

– Their trapezius muscles are more massive than found in humans and insert higher giving the impression that they have no neck.

– They are covered with matted hair, not fur.

– Their hair tends to be either auburn or black (with a few rare albinos)

– They are completely covered with hair except for the palms of their hands, the bottoms of their feet and a small area of the cheek bones below the eyes.

– They don’t have a gorilla nose. Its hooded and the nostrils point down as in humans, but its shorter with no bridge to speak of and level with the cheekbones

– They have extremely pungent body odor.

– They have huge eyes with excellent night vision.

There is a picture emerging from Sasquatch research organizations that is at least very internally consistent. For example, great height and weight is consistent with deep footprints. In such a massive bipedal creature, biomechanical constraints come into play. Weight is distributed very differently than in human beings. Certain predictions can be made from these inferences, that apologist for the Patterson Gimlin film seek to point out as being consistent with the footage.

The Earth itself was at one time formless and void, according to a well known Hebrew creation myth. Since ancient times its been coming into sharper focus everyday. Perhaps some day soon Bigfoot will be every bit as real as such things as Quarks and Higgs boson.

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