They’re back: UFOs at China’s Phoenix Mountain

Looks like ET is using China Telecom to phone home-residents in the north-eastern province of Heilongjiang in China have reported seeing UFOs for the second time in one week.

Zhang Wei and Dai Guobin, factory workers in Harbin’s Zhangjiadian village, said the black object was larger than a plane, shaped like an eagle and hovered in the sky for a minute before zooming off. The sighting occurred at mid-day and the object was at a distance of about 1km from the two men.

“We don’t know if this is the same UFO reported earlier in the Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park,” said Zhang. The park is about 200km from the factory.

Earlier last week, Harbin Daily reported that a photographer and a tourist, Wu Chun Yan and Li Hui, were at the park viewing platform when they saw a shiny object hovering in the sky at 3:40pm. Wu snapped a picture of the UFO.

A park worker, Sun Li, said she too saw a bright object at 8pm that night. It was the size of a wash basin, with gaseous columns on its sides.

After the news broke, another tourist showed the paper her photo of a UFO hovering behind her classmate, which she took at another location at the park about four hours before Wu’s sighting. “We were descending the hill when I took the picture at the sky garden,” said Madam Wei.

Zhang Wei reported his sighting to Chen Gongfu, a retired professor from the school of astronautics at the Harbin Institute of Technology. Chen had spent days investigating the UFO reports at the park and said he spoke to four people who saw the same object at different times and places.

“It looked a lot like a moth in the first picture,” said Chen, but he soon changed his mind after talking to eyewitnesses. “It’s a UFO,” he confirmed.

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