Capturing America, Fact by Fact

usa-factsBy SAM ROBERTS

College graduates have less leisure time than high school dropouts. More people are injured on toilets than by skiing or snowboarding. More households have dogs as pets than cats, but cat lovers are more likely to have multiple pets. And more foreigners visited New York (9.3 million) than any other American city (Los Angeles was a distant second with 3.7 million).

Those facts are among the thousands gleaned from the 2013 edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, a compendium of figures that itself may go into the record books after being published by the government since 1878.

The latest version, to be released Thursday online by ProQuest and in print by Bernan Publishing, is the first to be made available privately since the Census Bureau ceased publication with the 2012 edition to save money.

“One of the things people value is the continuity,” said Daniel Coyle, manager of ProQuest Statistical Products. He said that the abstract included 1,420 tables, 14 more than last year, and that only three private sources declined to cooperate.

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