Cop Block Founder Guilty on Three Counts of Felony Wiretapping

By Carlos Miller

It didn’t take long for a New Hampshire jury to find Adam “Ademo Freeman” Mueller guilty on three counts of felony wiretapping today, meaning he will spend three months in jail.

Mueller is already serving a 60-day sentence for an unrelated incident, so this sentence will likely be tacked on.

Although he could have been slapped with 21 years in prison, he ended up receiving a one-year sentence with nine months suspended, according to Twitter updates provided by fellow Cop Block members attending the trial.

He also received five years probation, which could land him in state prison for up to three years if violated.

Twitter updates also indicate it took about 30 minutes for the jury to reach its verdict.

While I wasn’t at the trial, it would probably have helped if he had retained an attorney instead of representing himself.

But Mueller has had success doing that in the past. However, even veteran lawyers would never risk representing themselves.

His crimes stem from phone calls he made to police and school officials which he recorded but did not inform them he was doing so. He then posted a video of the calls on the internet, which you can see above.

I called Cop Block co-founder Pete Eyre for more details but he did not answer because he is busy writing his own story on the verdict. I will try to update this when I get more information.

For complete background in this case, check out my story from earlier today.