The CIA Cannot Find Their Own Regulations about Declassification

By Nate Jones

Maybe this is why the CIA fought tooth and nail against the release of a nearly 100-year-old invisible ink recipe (that was not even an American document and was already widely available on google scholar); asserted to a judge that its history of the Bay of Pigs invasion could not be released because it could “confuse the public;” illegally destroyed video tapes of its agents waterboarding a man 83 times; and, most recently, had its records disposition schedules stealthily removed from the National Archives’ website (only to be re-exposed later).

The CIA –according to its response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Kel McClanahan of National Security Counselors– “did not locate any records responsive to your request [for published CIA regulations about declassification].”  The Agency claims that “our searches were thorough and diligent, and it is highly unlikely that repeating those searches would change the result.”  Wow.  Michele Meeks (or whoever processed this FOIA request) is really earning her paycheck.

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