China’s first female taikonaut and crew returns from space

China’s space taikonauts are finally home.

After almost two weeks on the job, three Chinese astronauts, including Liu Yang, the country’s first female in space, returned to Earth on Friday, capping off China’s longest and most complicated space mission, the Associated Press reported.

The highlight of Shenzhou-9’s mission was the three-particular person crew’s productive docking with the Tiangong-1 orbiting module, a move the AFP characterized as “essential to the process of building a space station.” Tiangong-1 is the foundation for China’s future space station, slated to be prepared by 2020.

Tiangong is our property in space. It is warm and cozy,” Liu Yang mentioned, shortly after landing. “We are proud of our motherland.

Videos from around the Web depicted a triumphant scene, with nationalistic fervor in full view.

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After thirteen days in space, the astronauts aboard the Shenzhou-9 spaceship will return to the Earth. The first stage of the process is for the re-entry module to separate from the orbital capsule. The propulsion module will later separate from the re-entry module, after it’s propelled it to a lower altitude of 140 kilometers.

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China’s manned space docking mission between the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1 lab module has succeeded, announced Chang Wanquan, chief commander of China’s manned space program Friday. The Shenzhou-9 spacecraft has landed safely at the main landing area in northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region and all three astronauts aboard…

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