Chilean granny carried calcified fetus for 50 years


A 92-year-old Chilean granny collapsed and was taken to hospital. Much to everyone’s shock, routine testing confirmed she hadn’t damaged something, however had been carrying a mummified fetus for so long as 5 a long time.

A hip X-ray revealed the fetus was about seven months developed, AFP reported. Doctors mentioned the uncommon medical phenomenon, generally known as lithopedion (additionally referred to as a “stone baby”) didn’t trigger the Chilean lady any ache. The granny checked out from hospital just a few hours later, with none surgical procedure carried out.

Lithopedion could happen from 14 weeks gestation to full time period, mostly when a creating fetus dies throughout an belly being pregnant after which calcifies outdoors the uterus. The situation was first described within the 10th century, with fewer than 300 instances famous in 400 years of medical literature.

In 2013, an aged Colombian lady, who complained to her physician of pelvic ache, was informed her struggling was as a result of a 40-year-old “stone baby”, the Telegraph reported. The 82-year-old grandmother had no concept she had been carrying the fetus weighing about two kilos for practically half a century.