Connor Betts Died in 2014… Seriously?

Okay now this is some groundbreaking information about the Dayton, Ohio Shooter Connor Betts.. Now before you being to say well that’s a fake, I have saved the newspaper clipping which Ill post below. Someone saved it to a google drive before they scrubbed the original link on the obituary site. Which is interesting, why would they delete the page? Unless they were trying to hide something major.

Now on the cropped image you can see he died in Feb 19, 2014. Very weird and creepy indeed. I wonder how the family feels about his image being used if this is legit truth to this staged Dayton shooting event! Here is the full newspaper clipping image I saved:

Now many people claim he is a ‘different’ Connor Betts, But what are the chances? Very slim but if you don’t have the brain to question the official narrative; then you’re doomed and should turn back. But this just plays into the staged false flag event category very well!

If you look at some of the pictures floating around of him, you can see they recently have added a couple which (if even same person) tries to throw you off the obituary picture so gives you the impression these are not the same. But this is the only question you need is:

If this was a different person then why the hell are they removing this Obituary?? – RIP