Connor Betts Died in 2014… Seriously?

Okay now that is some groundbreaking details about the Dayton, Ohio Shooter Connor Betts.. Now earlier than you being to say effectively that is a faux, I’ve saved the newspaper clipping which Ill put up beneath. Someone saved it to a google drive earlier than they scrubbed the original link on the obituary website. Which is fascinating, why would they delete the web page? Unless they have been attempting to cover one thing main.

Now on the cropped picture you’ll be able to see he died in Feb 19, 2014. Very bizarre and creepy certainly. I ponder how the household feels about his picture getting used if that is legit fact to this staged Dayton taking pictures occasion! Here is the complete newspaper clipping picture I saved:

Now many individuals declare he’s a ‘totally different’ Connor Betts, But what are the probabilities? Very slim but when you do not have the mind to query the official narrative; then you definitely’re doomed and will flip again. But this simply performs into the staged false flag occasion class very effectively!

If you take a look at a few of the photos floating round of him, you’ll be able to see they lately have added a pair which (if even similar individual) tries to throw you off the obituary image so provides you the impression these should not the identical. But that is the one query you want is:

If this was a special individual then why the hell are they eradicating this Obituary?? – RIP