The Church of Scientology and the Holmes Connection?

Interesting Theory By WarminIndy on ATS

Is it mere coincidence that James Holmes commits the senseless act of Aurora, Colorado theater shooting happened the same week that Katie Holmes announces divorce from Tom Cruise? Mere coincidence or conspiracy?

Let’s just say for a moment this was a staged event, of course there would need to be a motive on the part of the conspirators who would frame James Holmes. So I set about to discover this.

Katie Holmes father is Martin Joseph Holmes, who incidentally works against anti-trust. Robert Holmes is a whistleblower against banks. Could that be a smoking gun?Martin Holmes

But that is merely a coincidence as Katie is from Toledo and James is from San Diego. But what I am proposing is this, Tom Cruise (in Iceland filming “Oblivion) is a long standing member of the Church of Scientology and is as well from Ohio as Katie is. Tom can be seen here replacing Christian Bale as Batman….
Tom Cruise as Batman

So what is this? The makers of this video warned us of the Holmes/Cruise/Batman connection and the world ignored it. How did they know this connection? Tom was dropped by Paramount so he lost the chance to be Batman and now is using the Church of Scientology to formulate this conspiracy against anyone remotely related to Katie. Of course, the Church of Scientology will not allow any evidence to be seen, that is why we have to connect the dots ourselves.

So things we do know…
1: Tom was set to play as Batman in this film.
2: The matching surnames of Katie and James.
3: Tom was conveniently in Iceland.
4: Katie was in Batman Begins.
5: Aurora is a song by Bjork, a singer from Iceland, where Tom is filming.

What is the connection besides coincidence?