Cell Phones Might Be Causing Horns to Grow on Young People’s Skulls

(BTW: This is how the media is portraying this; by the insane title)

Researchers on the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia have found evidence that our frequent use of cellular gadgets may very well be essentially altering our physiology. Specifically, they’re seeing horn-like bone spurs seem on youthful adults (the most frequent users of these gadgets).

The excellent news, if there may be any right here, is that you just’re not going to see a technology of children trying like triceratops wannabes, with horns poking out of their foreheads. The unhealthy information is, the spurs are rising in the back of the cranium.

Here’s what the researchers say is going on: Frequent customers of cellular gadgets frequently tilt their heads ahead to view them. That shifts the load of the pinnacle from the backbone to muscle mass at the back of the pinnacle, which causes bones to develop within the tendons and ligaments. That leads to a horn-like spur that grows from the bottom of the cranium.

“Our findings elevate a priority concerning the future musculoskeletal well being of the younger grownup inhabitants and reinforce the necessity for prevention intervention by way of posture enchancment schooling,” the scientists famous within the report, which was initially revealed a 12 months in the past, however has come to extra distinguished consideration just lately.

The research checked out 1,200 X-rays taken in Queensland masking all kinds of age ranges. One-third of these confirmed the bone spur, with the frequency lowering with age. Larger spurs had been way more distinguished in youthful folks.

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