Congressman Sires: Don’t expect any meaningful federal gun control legislation

11994571-largeThe quotes and sentiment sound familiar after every shooting tragedy — Columbine, Virginia Tech, Congresswoman Gabby Gifford in Tucson, Arizona. They are being repeated again after today’s mass shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut school. Like past tragic shootings, don’t expect much by way of tougher gun control laws from Congress, says Rep. Albio Sires, an 8th District Democrat out from West New York.

There is plenty of legislation already in the hub that could be called a response to this,” Sires said. The congressman said that leadership in Congress choose to prevent anti-gun bills from reaching the floor for a vote. Not to grade tragedies, Sires said the Connecticut killings has the potential to eventually push a bill forward.

“I think this one really hits home more,” he said. “We’re talking about elementary school kids. There is such an outrage everywhere over this incredibly heartless crime. These are children who think they are safe, when in turns out they are not. This is something we have to talk about.

“Anytime is so very terrible but for it to involve so many children and the expected joy of being so close to Christmas makes it so extremely heart breaking.”

Sires says he has an “F” grade with the National Rifle Association adding, “I’m sure the NRA is preparing for the worse and will attempt to curtail any discussion in this country on gun control. Yet, how can we continue to make it so easy to purchase guns and bullets, even over the Internet.”

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