Coast To Coast AM – More Strange Disappearances – Sept 29 2013

missing 411 boyJoining George Knapp in the first half, researcher David Paulides shared updates on cases of people who inexplicably disappear from national parks and rural settings. He detailed two disappearances that occurred in similar locations in Roseboro, NC, some 24 years apart. The first case involved a two-year old boy playing with a dog who vanished in 1976. An exhaustive 2-week search with 1,200 people turned up nothing. In the second incident, a boy living with his aunt and uncle, also disappeared and was never found. Paulides outlined similarities in the cases– both boys vanished while playing with dogs (in the latter case, the dog returned after five days, looking clean and well-fed), both boys came from broken homes, and there was never any evidence of kidnapping or abduction.

Paulides described a case of a missing girl from Bellmawr, NJ who vanished in 1957, also while playing with a dog, near a creek in her backyard. The area near her house was searched five or six times, including an unoccupied home for sale. Yet, when a mother and daughter were viewing the house for sale, the missing girl’s dog jumped out of a closet, and the girl’s dead body was also there. It was evident, he reported, that the girl and the dog had not been in the location earlier when it was searched. Paulides interviewed a retired special agent from the Park Service who investigated criminal activity in the parks. The Park Service seeks to downplay disappearances– they don’t want the bad publicity, or to have it known just how many people have gone missing, he told him.

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