Illuminati Use of National Parks & State Parks to Keep Treasure Rooms Safe

About 15 years ago, while deciphering some of the paper treasure maps found at the web site of the Library of Congress, it became very clear to me that our National Parks and State Parks were established at areas where there was a known treasure accumulation room.

The maps I was deciphering never told me the specific State as to where the treasure room was located. Instead, during the deciphering process you are given a set of coordinates, and it is these coordinates that lead you to a specific State. Once these coordinates are “retrieved,” you can then use an Atlas of the United States to pin-point not only the State where the treasure room exists, but you can also pin-point the “starting point” of the trail that will lead you to the room.

I don’t remember exactly how many maps led me to National or State Parks, but it was in the dozens, certainly enough to convince me that the park system wasn’t set up to “preserve the lands for future generations”, it was set up to protect these treasure rooms, to keep people from digging for these treasures.

I don’t want to give you the impression that EVERY park has a treasure room within its boundaries, that is not the case. I will say though, that a majority of these parks DO contain treasure rooms.

There are other lands that our government controls that also have these rooms, but these lands go under all sorts of names (other than being classified as a Park). For example, one place where Jesse James was known to visit on a regular basis due to a treasure room being there, is protected today as a “bird sanctuary.” In Arizona, where treasure rooms exist by the hundreds, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has done its best to get all treasure sites under their control. Sites that were once open to the public to prospect on, are now mostly closed to this activity.

In one very famous move by the government, they simply enlarged The White Sands Missile Range (in New Mexico) so that many well known treasure rooms would become part of this Military Base, and therefore protected.

Many treasure rooms from the Civil War are protected sites. During this war many battles were fought at treasure rooms. For example, the enlisted man had no clue that the reason he was fighting at Gettysburg was for the reason of protecting a treasure room, or that he was fighting at Gettysburg trying to take a treasure room into possession (depended on what side you were on). And while these battle sites need to be protected, I have to ask why ALL Civil War battle fields are not protected the same way Gettysburg is. The answer is that not all of the battles took place at treasure room sites. It is mainly those sites where treasure rooms were trying to be taken or protected that have the status of being a National Park. It was the high ranking officers in charge, on both sides, that knew the true reason for battles at sites like Gettysburg. You will find that most, if not all of these Generals were Masons/Illuminati. Some were well known as Masons, others were “closet” Masons.

There are still, to this day, thousands of treasure rooms sitting on privately owned property, and this just eats at the Masons/Illuminati, knowing that these rooms are “free” to be plundered by anyone knowing the coded treasure sign system. This explains why there has been recent attempts by our government to literally take away control of your private property. However, the government won’t just go around and select the properties that they know have treasure rooms and take control of that property, that would be too obvious. The only other option is to take control of ALL private land. And trust me, they ARE working on doing just that!!!!! The Masons/Illuminati know, by watching the Internet treasure hunting web sites, that treasure hunters are not only getting close to their treasure rooms, these treasure hunters are FINDING their treasure rooms. It makes them mad, which, when you look at it, is strange. After all, every one of these treasure rooms are filled with treasures stolen from the American people. So, who do you think deserves to have these treasures more…the people of America, from which they were stolen, or the Masons and the Illuminati who stole it???