Conspiracy theorists claim Steve Jobs is ALIVE and hiding in Egypt

AN EERIE snap of a Steve Jobs lookalike has sparked bizarre conspiracy theories that the Apple genius is alive and hiding in Egypt.

The Apple co-founder, who sparked a tech revolution, of course passed away in 2011 aged 56 after a long battle with cancer.

But a photo of a man – who looks strikingly similar to Jobs – having a coffee in Cairo has fuelled rumours that the tech titan is actually still alive.

The lookalike did not seem to be wearing shoes, which may strike a chord with fans who know Jobs used to walk barefoot while brainstorming.

But eagle-eyed social media users pointed out the man in the photo is not wearing an Apple watch – surely a vital giveaway.

The photo was posted to Facebook on Saturday – but it is not clear when the picture was actually taken.

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