Deep Cover Intel Plans to Attack Japan Plutonium Facility

Japan’s top secret Plutonium production and storage facility facing attack, a radiation catastrophe for North America planned.  Based on several confirmations from official sources, plans are afoot to use a Russian nuclear device to destroy the secret Japanese weapons grade facility at Rokkasho Mura in the Aomori Prefecture.

We now have strong cause to believe that the Fukajima earthquake and tidal wave had been not a normal occasion but one engineered to damage Japan and as a “first volley” in a radiation war against the United States.

A 2nd, far more serious attack has been discovered, the agencies involved are the NSA, the British Covert Services, the Royal Navy and the Office of Naval Intelligence.

A “repeat performance” is scheduled, one we hope this in depth report will offset.  The United States, North America in basic and Northern Europe will endure extreme radiation contamination at a level capable of inducing widespread cancers and a drastic reduction in population.

Fukajima – Just before it got really negative. Act two is in progress.

This is the program and, at the finish of this article, we will specifically describe the confirmed organization that is responsible for Fukajima and the manipulation of hundreds of events that began even just before the finish of Planet War II.

The organization described consists of one former two former presidents, minimally two former CIA directors, planned the assassination of JFK, has, at its disposal dozens of nuclear weapons and “energy devices” of unknown description.

A number of essential members of congress are active members, one a former presidential candidate, some willingly, some blackmailed, either by pedophile rings in the US and Europe or through threats and extortion.  Of the “secret organizations” and “terror groups,” individuals we describe count, to a very significant degree as the two, the visible element of what we are not ever permitted to see, what no one sees, the rulers, whose visage is as fatal as searching on the face of god.

Well acknowledged households are involved, in some circumstances, individuals scheduled to rise to power have been “replaced” with educated agents.  What had been “Internet rumor” is no longer this kind of, it is truth.

Breivik is a member of this organization as are the police in Norway, Poland and elsewhere.  The P2/Gladio operation, responsible for acts of terror through the 70s, 80s and 90s had been this organization, sanctioned by NATO and the CIA but purely working for a cabal of pseudo-ubermenchen, delusional super-humans.

Widely known for a lot of years – But extensively unknown at the same time.

By their own pronouncement its members of ancient bloodlines who stand above the Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones or the much more public minimal ranking secret societies.

Freemasonry, the Jesuits and hundreds of large ranking Satanists who sit at the forefront of American government and power, at the forefront of all of Europe, are served by this organization.

The bizarre patters of rendition, the secret prisons, the want to oversee every thing from intersection cameras to cash registers that calculate our eating routines, these factors represent far much more than incursions on privacy.

Were we to talk unpleasant truth one would note that it wasn’t democracy that won Globe War II.  America lost, just as Common Patton told Eisenhower.  Russia would rule the east and infiltrate the West.  Germany’s services beneath Carnaris would bring America to her knees, even if it took decades, which it did.

The finish of the Cold War and the starting of the War on Terror, as smooth a transition as imaginable, its very own “Pearl Harbour,” planned so cautiously, timed so simply, wars that last decades, faith in anything disappearing, a planet taught to “take it in the behind and preserve its mouth shut,” that was so a lot far more, even than anticipated.

An essential element of putting together the coup of 2001 started in 1945 when “the defeat” turned into American disarmament and the establishment of political organizations that would turn America from worldwide superpower to slave state.

“Paperclip” was part of that takeover, Allen Dulles, his brother John Foster Dulles, both Hitler’s lawyers at one time, Richard Nixon joined the cabal bringing Kissinger, General Dornberger and Colonel Werner Von Braun of the SS were tasked with strangling the US missile and space applications.

Fort Bliss Texas – 104 captured German rocket engineers

It was George H.W. Bush, aided by his elderly father, Senator Prescott Bush, that positioned them for their work.

“This third day of October, 1942, is the first of a new era in transportation, that of space travel… ” —Walter Dornberger, speech at Peenemünde 3 October 1942

“I have had to apologize only to two men in my entire life. The first was Field Marshal von Brauchitsch. I did not listen to him when he told me once again and again how crucial your research was. The 2nd guy is oneself. I never ever believed that your work would be productive.

Sources and more information:

• Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit

Yes, We Can Drop the Sea Bed, Watch Us Do it Again, For Real This Time Confirmations of Nuke Move Against Japan, South Korea and US By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Michael Shrimpton, UK Correspondent Japan’s top secret Plutonium production and storage facility facing attack, a radiation catastrophe for North America planned.

• Deep Cover Intel Plans to Attack Japan Plutonium Facility