Homeland Security, police investigate swastika on home

By Erica Byfield

Homeland Security and Atlanta police want to know who spray painted a swastika on a duplex in DeKalb County.

Police believe the home on Hosea L. Williams Drive is vacant. Someone used blue spray paint to create the symbol.

“It’s crazy, just crazy”, neighbor Frances Tyson said.

A viewer told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield about the symbol. On Wednesday, an Atlanta police crime scene technician took pictures of the home.

“I mean in this day and age you are hoping that a lot of this kind of hate has been squashed,” resident Berince Robinson said.

The symbol is across the street from a Boys & Girls Club and Toomer Elementary School.

“I’m wondering what our children will think about this,” Robinson said.

Atlanta police and Homeland Security are investigating. A Homeland Security agent told Byfield the federal government takes findings like this seriously.

Some neighbors told Byfield they believe some neighborhood children may have spray painted the symbol.