Director of Mayan Hieroglyphics: Exact date is Dec 23rd 2012 not 21st

700_e5755af93b6f3a2a357dbb6348e60c1dAccording to the director of the Hieroglyphic and Iconographic Heap MAYA (Ajimaya) INAH, such belief is modern and its origin can be traced back to the 70s of the twentieth century, with the first esoteric publications in which “predicts” the end of human civilization, coinciding with the TENTH POSTGRADUATE b’ak’tun in the Long Count of the Maya calendar, which corresponds to December 21, 2012.

Of the approximately 15 thousand registered glyphic texts so far and have been traced over time at different sites in the Maya area, only two inscriptions there mentions the year 2012, the archaeologist pointed out, who teaches a course on mythology and Classic Maya Religion in the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH).

“As the correlation GMT + 2 using epigraphers to convert Maya dates to the Gregorian calendar, the exact date would be December 23, 2012 and not on 21. It was registered in the Tortuguero Monument 6 and a fragment found COMALCALCO, both archaeological sites of Tabasco and relatively close to each other. ”

“The bottom line is that the Mayans never mentioned that will end the world or time,” said INAH epigrapher.

Carlos Pallan abounded in this sense, the particular passage of Tortuguero Monument 6 is very brief and says simply that “ONCE YOU MEET THE THIRTEENTH b’ak’tun, on 23 December 2012, down from HEAVEN BOLON Yokte ‘K’U, ie the god – or gods – of the nine pillars “.

In STONE IS WRITTEN DATE 23 DECEMBER 2012, prompting a rumor that the Mayans predicted it to the world, powered by the American film “2012”, which refers to the alleged apocalypse.

In the little that reads the Maya referred to the “Arrival of a Lord of the heavens, to coincide with the end of a cycle number,” Romero said. The date inscribed on the stone refers to BACTUM XIII , which means the beginning of a new era, Romero insisted.

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