Dying pal of Nipsey Hussle tells NYPD cops ‘Fuck you’ when asked to ID shooter

A mortally wounded gangbanger hated cops so much, he defiantly refused to identify his killer — instead telling officers, “Fuck you, son!” with one of his last breaths, law-enforcement sources told The Post Wednesday.

Arsenio Gravesande’s refusal to aid police came amid five fatal shootings over less than 24 hours in the Big Apple — and underscored the hurdles cops face as they try to keep the city safe amid an uptick in shootings this year

Gravesande, 28, was blasted on the left hip during a beef on a Brownsville street corner at around 9:20 p.m., sending first responders racing to the scene at Union Street and Sutter Avenue, authorities said.

Cops asked Gravesande — a known Crip with 43 arrests on his record, including resisting arrest — his name and who attacked him, but received only the vulgar three-word response.

“Fuck you, son!” Gravesande — a pal of reformed Crip and slain rap star Nipsey Hussle — told the officers shortly before he was loaded into the back of an ambulance, according to sources.

Responders didn’t initially believe the injury was life-threatening, and cops planned to speak with him once he was settled at the hospital.

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