Body recognition software that can spot people by their physical shape and clothes

Cutting-border human anatomy recognition software which identifies people according to their physical shape and even clothes is defined to be rolled out next year.

Everyday facial recognition technologies was refined to the scope that cameras can fit a picture in a database into a person’s height, width, hair and apparel.

This will make it possible for someone to be identified even though their face is obscured – by a balaclava, for instance.

Or that they will continue to be able to be seen if a part of their body is concealed by another individual or an item. 

Technology titan NEC Global is pioneering the human anatomy recognition software and hopes to employ it into active security-controlled websites like sports stadiums and airports.

If somebody was photographed walking through a soccer floor’s security barrier, as an instance, this individual would be in a position to be identified by cameras round the arena even if their confront were hidden.

The Tokyo-established inventor also indicated the body recognition system may help in situations such as tracking down missing children in crowded areas. 

The Japanese company, which boasts a 90 percent match-rate together with all the software, stated: ‘This technology diagnoses the whole look of a person’s photo picture, for example their clothes and human anatomy shape, to ascertain whether they fit other pictures of people. 

‘Using the picture analysis and profound learning technologies that NEC has cultivated through facial recognition technology and additional technology, NEC managed to establish that high-precision tech that doesn’t rely solely on facial pictures. ‘

Body recognition software forms a portion of this Tokyo-based inventor’s Safer Cities initiative that intends to deploy technologies to combat violent offense and terrorism.

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