Deadly Smart Meters Coming To Your House Soon..

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Once a week I check with bated breath my conventional meter attached to the side of my house. I want to make sure no smart meter had been installed in my absence and without my permission. I have written to my utility company that I do not wish to have a smart meter installed, I mailed the letter return receipt requested to make sure that they cannot claim non-receipt.

I called the utility office and again, voiced my desire to keep my conventional meter. I received a form letter, telling me that there are no plans yet, smart meters are safe, and there is no opt out, please check the website, etc. I posted a large sign by my conventional meter that they do not have my permission to install a smart meter. When the meter is read, the sign disappears or I find it in the grass. I gave up replacing it. I seem to fight the monopolistic goliath who is the only provider of power.

More and more people who had been harmed by electromagnetic pulses are taking action against their utility company across the nation. Texans Against Smart Meters are considering a class action lawsuit in reference to Fourth Amendment rights violation and health issues commenced or exacerbated by the installation of the Advance Metering System, better known as smart meters.

Smart meter removal from one’s home is not enough. Within a five square mile area there is a collecting point of information from all meters and a transmitter receives information from all the collecting points within 125 miles of its location. This transmitter sends all the collected data to a master location, the “mother ship” where everyone’s information is stored, analyzed, and sold to a third party who is interested in the household’s pattern of usage, consumption of electricity, or possibly “illegal” activity in that home.

During peak usage, the utility company can turn off the power, adjust the thermostat from afar, or turn off entire grid in an “emergency” such as the catastrophic failure of power during the 2012 D.C/Maryland/Virginia straight line winds.

Cyber-attacks and solar flares can also take down an entire section of the smart grid with its smart meters. A person, who wishes to know when the homeowner is at work or on vacation in order to rob the place, can steal the streaming data from the smart meter (which pulses information several times a minute) by standing outside the home with a handheld device.

I have listed issues and negative health effects from smart meters in my previous articles. Links to four of my columns are found at the end of this article.

Louis Donovan of Carson, CA talks about his heart and pacemaker disruptions from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by his smart meter which stopped his heart 4 times.

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