Epstein had a torture dental chair in his mansions bathroom

A fully equipped dentist’s chair, close-up photographs of young girls’ backsides and a snap of a pedophile meeting a pope. These were the images that police found when they searched evil Jeffrey Epstein’s waterfront mansion in 2005.

Daily Mail Online has exclusively obtained the video that shows the cops combing over every inch of the $16.4million property that the pervert friend of Bill Clinton and Britain’s Prince Andrew called home.

And it shows in intimate detail just how depraved was Epstein’s liking for girls — the younger the better.

Dozens of pictures — including one of a child aged no more than six or seven bending over in a tiny dress which was considered so bad that authorities blurred it out on the video — adorn the walls.

A dark-haired girl who appears to be around 15 poses in a tiny black bikini on the wall directly above a totally nude girl lying on a beach.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite, who was Epstein’s girlfriend at the time of the raid, features in many of the pictures — including one where she too is outstretched naked on a beach. Maxwell, now 54, has been accused of procuring young girls for Epstein’s pleasure.

Those pictures and others — many focusing on Epstein’s fixation with young girls’ derrieres — are upstairs in and around his bedroom or in the pool house. 

Downstairs much more innocuous photographs take up nearly every square inch on tables and sideboards.

They appear to be normal innocent snaps, the type that every family shows off proudly, vacation photos and portraits as well as pictures of Epstein shaking hands with world leaders —from Fidel Castro to Pope John Paul II.

The raid on the mansion overlooking Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach took place on October 20, 2005, six months after the pope’s death, as authorities were investigating claims that Epstein hired underage girls to massage him in their underwear or totally naked.

Often the massages progressed to sexual touching as Epstein, now 63, used vibrators on the girls and masturbated. He paid them $200-$300 a time with another $200 going to other schoolgirls who recruited them to go to his nine-bedroom home on Palm Beach’s El Brillo Way.