Ecuador’s Moreno sold ‘Assange’s head’ to the US

Former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa defined to RT why he calls his successor Lenin Moreno the “worst traitor” in the nation’s historical past for handing over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to British authorities.

Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by British police on Thursday after Moreno revoked political asylum. The printed and journalist spent virtually seven years in the constructing after being welcomed there by Correa. UK legislation enforcement arrested him for skipping bail and underneath a beforehand secret US indictment – a improvement that Assange predicted and acknowledged as his motive for going into the embassy in the first place.

Correa spoke to RT Spanish to clarify why he publicly branded Moreno the “greatest traitor in Ecuadorian history.” The former president says his successor isn’t any higher than the disciple Judas Iscariot or Ephialtes of Trachis, the man accused of betraying Greek forces defending the cross of Thermopylae from invading Persians.

“It was not Rafael Correa, who gave asylum to Julian Assange. It was the state of Ecuador. And the state of Ecuador had to shield the individual it pledged to shield in accordance to worldwide legislation and its nationwide satisfaction. Instead they gave him up, allowed the British police to enter our embassy,” he stated.

He added that the transfer additionally violated the structure of Ecuador, since Assange is now a citizen of the Latin American nation and is owed safety accordingly. “This is unheard of. These actions cannot leave one not outraged,” he stated.

Correa stated Moreno principally sold “Assange’s head” to the Americans. The US needs to prosecute Assange for allegedly conspiring with former US Army soldier Chelsea Manning in her leaking of labeled US paperwork to WikiLeaks.

Moreno’s resolution was partially motivated by numerous advantages Ecuador and the president personally obtained in return, Correa believes. But one other motive was revenge on WikiLeaks, he advised RT. Moreno believes that the website was chargeable for publication of explosive paperwork, which implicate him and his members of the family in corruption.

“Paul Manafort, the head of the Trump presidential campaign, visited Ecuador on May 30, 2017, weeks after Moreno took the office of the president. And even then Moreno offered to hand out Assange in exchange for financial enrichment from the US,” Correa stated.

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