Empire State Building-sized asteroid set to scream past Earth at 10,400mph

An asteroid bigger than the Empire State Building (1,454 ft), and often called 2006 QQ23, will scream past the Earth at roughly 10,400 mph within the early hours of Saturday morning.

First noticed in 2006, therefore the identify, the 1,870ft-diameter juggernaut will make its closest method to Earth on Saturday at 3:23 am EDT, in accordance to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS).

The area rock will come 10 occasions nearer to Earth than Venus, our nearest neighbor, when it passes by at a distance of 0.049 astronomical models (4.6 million miles) whereas touring at speeds of round 10,400 mph.

Any cosmic projectile with a minimal method distance of lower than 0.05 astronomical models and measuring over 460 ft in diameter is taken into account by NASA to be “potentially hazardous.” 

The overwhelming majority of small area objects that enter our environment measure lower than 30 ft in diameter and dissipate on entry, however 2006 QQ23 is much bigger than that.

We are at the moment conscious of some 20,000 such Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and are discovering new ones at a charge of roughly 30 per week. Of these, we’re at the moment conscious of about 900 NEOs measuring greater than 3,280 ft in diameter. 

About six area objects across the measurement of Asteroid 2006 QQ23 cross by our planet every year, however fortunately all pose a statistically insignificant threat to life right here on Earth.