EU Slaves: Due To A Bankrupt State!

By Tom Newton Dunn

A Chilling new EU master plan that emerged last night would leave bankrupt nations as effective slave states without a vote.

One option being drawn up would see teetering economies such as Greece, Portugal or Ireland stripped of any say in Brussels as a punishment if they fail to control their debts.

They face a second tough penalty — with swingeing budget decisions such as hefty cuts and tax hikes being FORCED on them.

The extraordinary proposals came to light as David Cameron toughened his line on the frantic negotiations for a new treaty of all 27 EU members to solve the eurozone crisis.

The PM — acting under heavy pressure from furious Tory backbenchers — threatened to veto the moves at a crunch summit of EU leaders this Friday unless he gets key safeguards for Britain.

Mr Cameron said: “Eurozone countries do need to come together. If they choose to use the European Treaty to do that then Britain will be insisting on some safeguards too. As long as we get those then that treaty can go ahead. If we can’t get those, then it won’t.”

Top of the Premier’s list is to protect the City of London from Brussels tax and red-tape grabs. He also wants to block a fully fiscally integrated eurozone group from ganging up against the ten other EU members.

And Mr Cameron threatened to act if eurozone bosses simply go for a smaller treaty of the 17 single-currency members. He could hold that up by blocking them from using EU institutions such as its commission and court.

The PM insisted: “I will not sign a treaty that does not have those safeguards in it.”

But his critics attacked the stance as a bluff as Mr Cameron’s veto could break up the summit and bring down the euro itself — triggering a disaster.

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