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eBay users being tracked down by the Dept of Agriculture?

Well this is very alarming, I found a very interesting post by someone on Reddit explaining how he was tracked down by the Department of Agriculture after buying Bamboo Seeds online from China. Here is what he posted, (Ill provide more info below):

This morning, a couple guys with badges showed up on my doorstep referencing an eBay item I purchased back in May. I had purchased some bamboo seeds (phyllostachys pubescens) from a seller in China. Turns out, they’re a “controlled substance” and are illegal to import due to the potential diseases. Completely blew my mind.

Of the seeds I bought, only 2 had germinated, so they seized those to be destroyed. They were being grown indoors in pots, to remain indoors for decoration. No fines or anything fortunately, just out the cost of the seeds. They said I should be able to request a refund, but good luck with that.

Not really much else to say, but just a word of warning for anyone buying seeds or plants online. From what I can gather, the only illegality is the importing. It’s perfectly fine to grow some I obtain from a local source. I’m really bummed since it took a lot of effort to get those 2 to germinate, and they were doing really well. [Link]

After researching online, I couldn’t find any laws explaining how these seeds, roots or anything is illegal to import. Many sites say it may be illegal but no one gives any evidence of this. Now I didn’t know the Dept of Agriculture has a ‘police force’ to track down people who buy plant based items.. I do remember this speech by someone mentioning that there is a conspiracy behind this ‘control’ over seeds, plants and food items. He said that there is a huge book filled with all the violations and if they were in use, you could be violated for cutting, moving or killing any natural items. So that includes grass, trees, plants etc.. but when will this huge government stop at prosecuting innocent citizens collecting rain-water, growing their own food or preparing for the complete collapse of society? Keep an eye out for more cases involving Agriculture because Monsanto and other corporations are trying to completely control our food supply!