Is The Federal Government Using Background Checks To Create A National Gun Registry?

la-oe-winkler-guns-background-check-20130215-001When the government calls for a national registry of gun owners, many gun-rights supports say that gun registration is the first step towards confiscation, which has been proven historically. However, when the government calls for background checks, some gun-rights supporters cave. Some even fully support it.

What if you later found out that the background check system was really just a way for the government to compile a list of gun owners in a deceptively secret way? As of right now, they may just be doing that, and we wouldn’t really know about it. At least, that is what Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America is saying.

Here is a quote from Larry Pratt in an interview with Breitbart:

I think if you look at it in terms of odds, they have the greater odds of beating us on the universal background checks. Yet I believe we’re making some headway by pointing out that we already have background checks in place and by showing that we have no way of knowing whether those checks have been used to create some type of registry. 

 There’s nothing demonstrable from the Justice Department proving they’re not keeping the names of the people who’ve had their backgrounds checked. They refuse to tell you how long they do keep that information, although federal law in at least two places prohibits them from keeping the information for more than 24 hours. 

Our assumption is that they’ve been building a registration list from the current background check system since its inception. And that’s just one more reason why we can’t give them even greater access into our personal information via universal background checks. 

We should actually do away with the background check system in its entirety.

If you support universal background checks and found out that the government truly was creating a database with the background check information, would you still support it?