Felicity Huffman’s 14-DAY sentence shows you can get away with ANYTHING if you’re rich

That actress Felicity Huffman will go to jail for less than 14 days over faculty entrance fraud shows there are actually two justice techniques within the US: one for the rich, well-known and politically appropriate – and one other for everybody else.

The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star pleaded responsible to paying $15,000 to falsify her daughter Sophia’s SAT – a school admissions take a look at – and was sentenced to 2 weeks in jail, 250 hours of neighborhood service, a $30,000 high quality and a 12 months of supervised launch. Altogether, a slap on the wrist to a Hollywood movie star.

It didn’t take lengthy for her case to be contrasted with the destiny of Tanya McDowell, a Connecticut lady who falsified a residency doc in 2011 to enroll her son in a greater faculty. McDowell ended up getting jailed for 5 years for first-degree larceny, and would have confronted an even longer sentence had she not made a deal with prosecutors. 

Comparing the 2 instances is totally apples to apples. That McDowell was later charged with promoting medication to undercover cops and given a concurrent sentence doesn’t change the severity of her preliminary punishment – 130 occasions longer than was meted out to Huffman. 

Could it’s that it’s as a result of Huffman is white and McDowell is black, and the US justice system is irreparably racist, as lots of people have argued?

Another risk might be Huffman’s fame, fortune – and politics.

After her arrest in April, Huffman was revealed to have donated over $10,000 to Democrats, together with over $1,500 to the Senate marketing campaign of Kamala Harris – the tough-on-crime prosecutor in San Francisco and California, now working for president.

er neighborhood service will little doubt contain one other #Resistance stunt just like the January 2017 Women’s March. Huffman made a big deal on the time of taking each her daughters to the feminist occasion protesting the election and inauguration of President Donald Trump. 

The high quality is pocket change to an actress of her caliber, and jail time will imply nothing in California, the place there has already been a push to redefine felons as “justice-involved persons.” 

Huffman is the primary father or mother to get sentenced within the so-called ‘Varsity Blues’ scandal, which blew up in April. It has ensnared greater than 50 folks throughout the US, together with mother and father, coaches, take a look at directors, faculty employees and plenty of workers at one thing known as the Key Worldwide Foundation.

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