Fukushima leak is 20,000 times radioactive than Tepco claimed

fukushima barrier(Emphasis Added): New spill at No. 1 laid to typhoon miscalculation Authorities are still groping for a solution to the water crisis at the crippled nuclear plant, which is rapidly running out of storage space and facing a growing risk of flooding from typhoons. The water contained strontium and tritium and was emitting beta-ray radiation of 580,000 becquerels per liter, according to Tepco, which was apparently trying to drain rainwater from the flood containment area into the tanks during the typhoon.

Previous reports of 200,000 Bq/liter

Kyodo News, Oct. 3, 2013: Tepco said Wednesday it detected 200,000 becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances, including strontium-90, far above the legal limit of 30 becquerels per liter.

NBC News, Oct. 3, 2013: Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, said the water which spilled from the storage tanks had radiation readings as high as 200,000 becquerels per liter — almost 6,700 times higher than the legal limit of 30 becquerels.

Tepco not sure how to even measure the radioactivity, let alone contain it?

Associated Press, Oct 3, 2013: In recent meetings, regulators criticized TEPCO for even lacking basic skills to properly measure radioactivity […] “As far as TEPCO people on our contaminated water and sea monitoring panels are concerned, they seem to lack even the most basic knowledge about radiation,” said a Nuclear Regulation Authority commissioner Kayoko Nakamura, a radiologist. “I really think they should acquire adequate expertise and commitment needed for the job,” she said.