Fukushima May Wipe Out Life on Earth, says Professor

“Fukushima is like a nuclear war and it may yet wipe out life on earth” says Prof. Tony Hall. Given the seriousness of all this, why aren’t the governments of this world not rushing to Japan and fix this situation? This is a potential extinction life event.

There are over 450 nuke plants around the world with another 200 or more coming online. If one plant can potentially end life on earth what to say of 650? Why aren’t people taking to the streets in the millions and demanding their governments to end this insanity?

This is what happens when you restrict and hide technologies that could save the world. If certain technologies would have been implemented when they were discovered, this wouldn’t have even been possible, clean energy, FREE energy, and that’s the problem, we will be taken down by our rulers greed.

This is probably the biggest sin against humanity ever, and we can only hope the people responsible for this global deception, will be taken to justice at some time in the future.