Far-right terrorists pose ‘real threat in Germany,’ just like Islamists – interior minister

Weeks after a neighborhood politician died in what authorities described as an “execution,” the German interior minister mentioned far-right extremists have been spreading throughout the nation, and warned that they as harmful as Islamist teams.

Ultra-right extremists are on equal footing with Islamist radicals and different violent teams, Horst Seehofer advised German media. The far-right “have become a real threat for our society,” which signifies that the federal government ought to hit again and “do everything to ramp up security.”

Seehofer, a longtime ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, was talking roughly three weeks after Walter Luebcke, a mid-level authorities official, died of a gunshot wound at his residence in the japanese metropolis of Kassel.

Shortly afterwards, police had arrested a 45-year-old suspect who had dedicated quite a few offences in previous many years, together with an assault on a hostel for asylum seekers again in 1993.

Luebcke’s case turned out to have a political side as he, although being a member of the conservative Christian Democrats, held sturdy pro-immigration views and as soon as mentioned that refugee haters are free to go away Germany. Unsurprisingly, he stumbled upon an enormous backlash by far-right haters on the web.

The homicide despatched shockwaves throughout German elites and the nation’s society with top-tier politicians warning of a resurgence of the neo-Nazi scene. “We must finally name right-wing terrorism as such,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas additionally said on Saturday.

“Far too often there have been talks of ‘isolated cases’ or ‘rampages’ when it comes to right-wing attacks,” he acknowledged.

Burkhard Jung, Leipzig mayor and president of Germany’s Cities Association, mentioned the assault on Luebcke wasn’t just an extraordinary crime. “The murder or indeed the execution of Walter Luebcke must be cause for nationwide discussion,” he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

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